Bodybuilder Finally Marries His Beloved Sex Doll
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Mike Tyson Admits He Used A Fake Penis To Pass Drugs Test

Mike Tyson Admits He Used A Fake Penis To Pass Drugs Test

Mike Tyson has admitted to using a fake penis to pass a drugs test after acquiring clean wee from a family member.

Tyson has previously admitted to taking cocaine and cannabis in his past, and to ensure he would pass a drugs test he concocted a bizarre plan using a 'whizzinator' - a type of strap-on fake penis attached to a bag that can be filled with liquid and then squeezed out using the thighs.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

What will they think of next, eh?


Tyson said he was initially going to use his wife's urine, but decided to get some from his young daughter instead.

Speaking on Hotboxin' podcast, Tyson said: "It was awesome, man.

"I put my baby's urine in it. And sometimes, one time I was using my wife's and my wife was like, 'Baby, you better not hope that it comes back pregnant or something.'

"And I said, 'nah, we ain't going to use you any more, we're going to use the kid'. Because I got scared that the p*** might come back pregnant.


"That was what I was afraid of! I guess I heard of this happening because I was afraid of that."

The 54-year-old has taken himself out of retirement for a fight against Roy Jones Jr later this month.

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Tyson has been wowing his followers by sharing a series of clips showing off his speed and strength.


Lamar Odom Says He Used Fake Penis To Pass Drug Test

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Speaking to rapper T.I. on Instagram Live earlier this year, he said: "I've been hitting the mitts for the last week.

"That's been tough, my body is really jacked up and really sore from hitting the mitts.

"I've been working out, I've been trying to get in the ring, I think I'm going to box some exhibitions and get in shape.

"I want to go to the gym and get in shape to be able to box three or four-round exhibitions for some charities and stuff.


"Some charity exhibitions, make some money, help some homeless and drug-affected motherf***er like me."

He added: "I do two hours on cardio, I do the bike and the treadmill for an hour, then I do some light weights, 300, 250 reps.

"Then I start my day with the boxing thing, I go in there and hit the mitts, 30 minutes, 25 minutes, start getting in better condition.

"I'm start to put those combinations together. I'm in pain, I feel like three guys kicked the s*** out of me."

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