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World Slapping Champion Gets Knocked Out For The First Time

World Slapping Champion Gets Knocked Out For The First Time

In this case the underdog came out on top, delivering a winning slap in the esoteric Russian slapping competition

Daisy Phillipson

Daisy Phillipson

If there's anyone you don't want to receive a slap from, it's the Russian slapping competition champion (yes, that's a thing). So you'll definitely want to avoid getting whacked by the guy who knocked out the slapping champion - watch that happen in the clip below:

Competitor Vyacheslav Zezulya (that's him on the right, getting ready to administer the slap in question), who was up against the famed champion Vasily Kamotskiy.

The clip, taken from an exhibition match which was uploaded to YouTube show Na Bochke ('On Top of a Barrel'), shows the rookie proving the power of his palm by knocking out Kamotskiy for the first time ever in the esoteric sport.

If you've never heard of a slapping competition before, it does what it says on the tin, involving two components standing across a table from one another and competing to see who can dish out the most brutal slap.

The competitors go back and forth slapping each other until one is knocked out or gives up, with a referee on hand to call out a technical knockout.

And glory isn't the only thing the winner gets, as this particular contest reportedly offered a cash prize of 200,000 RUB (£2,383).

The footage shows the champ standing in wait to receive a slap as Zezulya warms up to deliver the blow.


Much to the surprise of the crowds, the opponent hits so hard that a cloud of dust (or maybe spit?) explodes above Kamotskiy before he passes out at the stand.

Spectators around proceed to gasp and shout, while a couple of them - including Zezulya - jump in to help prevent the competitor from falling to the floor.

Local media reports that the defeat marks Kamotskiy's first-ever failure since he entered the sport by chance after being scouted at a Siberian Power Show competition.

When describing the crowd's reaction, one social media user wrote: "The entire hall was shocked. That was terrifying. This was his first defeat and I hope his last. He will return more powerful and stronger than before."

Instead of accepting the defeat with honour, Kamotskiy, a farmer by trade, said that he was 'too nice' to his opponent in the first round, arguing that he didn't use more than '25 percent' of his force on the initial slap.

He also claimed that his opponent's hit wasn't a slap, but a full-on hook. Either that or, you know, he lost.


In a social media post, he wrote: "Today I had a minor nap (I was sort of sleepy today). This was supposed to happen at some point.

"I was the one saying that this will happen at some point anyway. There is nothing terrible about it. Everything is alright. I feel very well, everything is fine, no big deal."

Featured Image Credit: Golders

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