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Man Who Told Everyone To Buy Bitcoin Eight Years Ago Is Now Living Like An Absolute Boss

Man Who Told Everyone To Buy Bitcoin Eight Years Ago Is Now Living Like An Absolute Boss

Davinci Jeremie posted a YouTube video advising his followers to invest in 2013

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A man who told everyone to buy $1 of Bitcoin eight years ago is now absolutely living the dream.

Davinci Jeremie, from Chile, posted a video on YouTube in May 2013, advising his subscribers to buy a dollar of the cryptocurrency - and it turns out he knew exactly what he was talking about.

As you can see from his Instagram, he now lives a lavish lifestyle, and is never far from private planes, beaches and yachts.

He's often tagged in places like Monte Carlo and Dubai, which are famously welcoming to the super-wealthy.

Davincie, who describes himself in his Twitter bio as a 'Family Man, Programmer, YouTuber, and early Bitcoin adopter', captioned his most recent post: "Me living like a boss!"

And to be fair, that seems to be quite an accurate description.

His incredible life apparently all came from his savvy investment in Bitcoin.

Along with the video he posted back in 2013, Davincie wrote: "Look, for the price of [a] lotto ticket you can hold Bitcoin (BTC) for 10 years and become a millionaire. It's time you stop living in fear. If it goes to zero you lose $1, who cares!!!

"But if I'm right I want all of you to thank me, it will not make me happy if you come back to me in 10 years saying 'dude, I wish I listened to you back 2011 or 2013'."

It's a bit late now.

Funnily enough, that's most likely what anyone who watched it at the time will find themselves thinking, if they hadn't ended up taking his advice.

He added an explanation on his video, posting: "Just so you know, Bitcoin is a digital crypto and global money system currency. I talk about technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto and how I make money trading BTC.

"Bitcoin allows people to send or receive money across the internet, without a third party."

He's also been reassuring followers on Twitter that the recent slump in Bitcoin is nothing to worry about.

And, if the past is anything to go by, it might not be the start of the 'crypto-crash' that everyone has been predicting - things might bounce back to normal relatively soon.

On Wednesday, Bitcoin dipped sharply as part of a continuing downtrend that has been taking place for around 10 days.

That shouldn't present too much of a concern for those who are invested though, as it's documented just how volatile the crypto markets can be.

Furthermore, wherever Bitcoin goes - as it's the largest cryptocurrency going - the rest tend to follow.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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