​Donald Trump Still ‘Future’ Of Republican Party, Son Trump Jr Says

​Donald Trump Still ‘Future’ Of Republican Party, Son Trump Jr Says

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Someone Believes They Have Found Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto's Old Twitter Account

Someone Believes They Have Found Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto's Old Twitter Account

A Substack user thinks they have stumbled across the old Twitter account that belonged to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

The user, known as Varun, became curious after coming across an old account, named Goldlover (@fafcffacfff), which appears to have some links to what was going on with the Bitcoin founder at the time of posting.

Varun notes that the account was pretty chatty, with tweets often mentioning 'gold', which he believes may have been in reference to 'Bit gold'.

One of Goldlover's numerous tweets pointed out by Varun, which cuts off pretty abruptly, reads: "Yet, we know that throughout history, no fiat currency has ever survived. My thinking is that fi-"


That was written one day before the Bitcoin whitepaper was published on 31 October 2008.

Varun points out that Goldlover would often discuss topics such as the financial crash, decentralisation, and disrupting fiat currency.

On Substack, Varun writes: "On September 17th, 2008, this account made a reference to Digital Gold Currency.


"In between an incredible amount of nonsensical tweets about gold, sometimes there would be tweets which referenced decentralisation, financial crisis, people losing their homes, fiat currency, criticism of the Federal Reserve.

"These are all hallmarks of talking points used by Satoshi in his emails and forum posts which are well known, post-Bitcoin announcement."

He then claims that no account, other than that belonging to Hal Finney, who received the first Bitcoin transaction from Nakamoto, was tweeting about Bitcoin back in 2009.

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Varun notes a post on 11 January, 2009, from Finney, which read: "Running bitcoin."


Not longer after this, Goldlover then wrote: "From: Satoshi Nakamoto - 2009-01-11 22:32 Bitcoin v0.1.2 is now available for d."


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To which Varun adds: "Based on all of this, this is good enough for me to feel quite confident that this indeed was Satoshi's original anonymous Twitter account."

In a tweet about his theory, Varun said the little-known account gave Nakamoto the freedom to express his ideas, writing: "By May 2008, when this account was setup, Satoshi had been coding Bitcoin for a year already.


"I believe this account, given all these factors, gave Satoshi sufficient anonymity yet a place to express random thoughts. But a pattern has emerged from it."

However, while it's not certain this is the case, Varun's digging has led others to Goldlover, with many interacting with the old account.

One user said: "Thanks for changing the world Satoshi."

And in an edit to his blog about the bizarre story, Varun admits that there may be doubt about it, but invites those interested to look into it for themselves.


He remains confident, however, also writing: "Skepticism is good here. But based on that and following up, the level of conviction this indeed was Satoshi's account has gone up significantly."

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