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People considering 'cancelling' new iPhone order after seeing comparison between older generation

People considering 'cancelling' new iPhone order after seeing comparison between older generation

People are favouring the iPhone 14 generation after noticing a key difference against the anticipated iPhone 15

There's nothing worse than accidentally dropping your iPhone and seeing the screen smash, or worse - it stops working completely.

And whilst iPhones aren't exactly known for being great at bouncing off the floor unharmed, we still want to know our phones could potentially survive the odd knock, scratch or drop.

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Yet, many Apple fans who have got their orders in for the hotly anticipated iPhone 15 are now reportedly thinking of cancelling their orders after spotting a major flaw compared with its older generation. Namely, because it's not considered durable or strong due to its new titanium casing.

Apple officially announced the launch of the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 15 series complete with a brand-new set of features a few weeks back (12 September), and orders have been flying in as people want to get the latest piece of technology. Yet it might not be the best move for everyone, especially if you're accident-prone.

In a YouTube video, one eager Apple fan, who posts under the account Apple Tracks, has shared how he flew to Australia to get his hands on the newest iPhone but was left unimpressed at how its strength compared to the older generation of iPhone.

Testing out the new iPhone 15 against the iPhone 14 Pro, he points out that the older models were made from stainless steel rather than titanium, resulting in a "insanely light" phone.

The iPhone 15 cracked in drop tests, whilst the older model looked unscatched.
YouTube/Apple Tracks

Highlighting the new titanium finish, he continues: "It not only looks cool, and Apple says it's more durable but it make it significantly lighter. This is one of the lightest phones I've ever touched."

In his video, he goes on to test out the iPhone 15 versus the iPhone 14 Pro from various heights, with both seeming to fare the same and only get minor chips. Yet when testing the phones landing on the back of the case, it seems the iPhone q5 can't stand up to the same drops as the back case shattered from a mid-waisted level drop, and when dropped from around six feet it begins to crack the camera.

Viewers of the YouTube series have made it clear that they're happier to stick with their older models after watching the drop tests. One viewer commented: "There aren’t enough drop tests anymore. Great work Sam. Definitely keeping my 14 pro max."

Another added: "I feel completely justified in both keeping my 14 Pro Max and continuing to use it caseless in my day-to-day."

"Now ... this is a test! Great work! Thanks! Newer isn't always better (in all areas)," said a third.

Another added: "Damn, you're almost convincing me to ditch the case on my 14 pro... also definitely waiting for the 16 Pro to upgrade, not quite enough difference year over year."

After various drop tests, the iPhone 14 pro was still working whereas the new iPhone 15 was unusable.
YouTube/Apple Tracks

"I’m humbly declining from giving Apple my money. And I love the fact that the 15 Pro turned into a Galaxy Z Flip with a non working bottom screen after 15 drops", said another.

The new iPhone 15 has already been hit with other complaints, as one user issued the internet with a warning after claiming one particular app was draining 25% of his battery.

Other complaints include users claiming they've been 'robbed' as a new feature on the devices has already been on Android for years now to others complaining over facing an extra £20 charge once charging ports are swapped over - it's clear people haven't held back with their opinions on the snazzy new devices.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Apple Tracks

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