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‘Time Traveller From 3812’ Claims She Has Photo From Mars

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

‘Time Traveller From 3812’ Claims She Has Photo From Mars

A woman who claims to be a time traveller believes she has been to Mars in the year 3812, having taken a photo of what she says is the Red Planet in the future.  


The 37-year-old, known only as ‘Mary’ spoke about her supposed travels to the 3000s in a video, saying Mars had become ‘very frightening’. 

In the clip, which was shared by YouTube channel Apex TV back in 2019, we see her holding a photo that apparently shows 'buildings’ on Mars, along with the ‘spaceships’ that Mary and her companions had arrived in. 

She explained: "So I appeared on Mars, it looked like a desert with many buildings, I immediately took a photo. 

“[...] You can see the spaceships on which we came, you can also see buildings. 

“Mars was very interesting and at the same time very frightening.” 

Mary also said she found it 'interesting' that 'only Chinese people lived on Mars'.

Credit: YouTube/Apex TV
Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

"They had [a] contract with the whole world," she said.

"They should bring the most expensive metals from Mars, nearly 70 percent.

"So, except them, the other people were guests, and visited there only as a tourist."

Mary continued: "Metals were not like metals of our planet.

"I thought people worked at mines, but only robots work.

"Some of them have intelligence, and some were only for hard work."

Credit: YouTube/Apex TV
Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

In the video’s description, Apex TV says: “This woman claims to have traveled to the 38th century. We sat down for an interview in an undisclosed location as she told us her story. She claims to have brought back an actual future picture from Mars. What do you think? Is this woman an actual time traveler?  

“[…] Also, you may have noticed that she said 3812 was in the 38th century. She claims that the Gregorian calendar is no longer used in the future." 

Needless to say, many internet users were dubious about Mary's story, with one commenting: "I would love to time travel 22 minutes into the past to stop myself from watching this video."

Someone else claimed the photo may have been a concept photo from NASA, writing: "1st she never took that photo on mars, she took that photo from the internet (it’s a nasa concept photo for the colonization of Mars) and 2nd the years of 3800-3899 is the 39th century not the 38th century (that would be 3700-3799)."

A third said: "So you time travel, you see amazing things and you have a camera and yet you only take one photo?? I take loads of photos on a normal day trip to interesting places, as do most people! I find this entire interview somewhat suspect!!"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

Jess Hardiman
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