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Anne Hathaway Doesn't Want People Calling Her Anne

Anne Hathaway Doesn't Want People Calling Her Anne

The actor revealed that she isn't fond of her name

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Anne Hathaway says she hates being called Anne.

The actor recently revealed she isn't too fond of her name, and that it makes her think of being told off by her mother. Something I think we can all sympathise with.

Speaking to on The Tonight Show earlier this year, the 38-year-old said she would prefer people to call her 'anything but Anne'.

She told Jimmy Fallon: "Call me Annie, everybody, everybody, call me Annie, please.

"It's... can we talk about my name for a second?"

Annie then went on to explain that while it is, in fact, what she's called, it's actually more of a stage name.

And she that it's something she's been stuck with ever since she first got into acting at the age of just 14.

Anne doesn't like being called Anne.

She explained: "When I was 14 years old, I did a commercial, and I had to get my SAG [Screen Actors Guild] card and they asked me, 'What do you want your name to be?'

"And I was like, 'Well, it should be my name. My name's Anne Hathaway'.

"So that seemed like the right choice, but it never occurred to me that for the rest of my life, people will call me Anne."

During her interview, the Love and Other Drugs star said it could be anything, just as long as it's not 'Anne'. Anything but 'Anne'.

She then told host Jimmy Fallon: "The only person who calls me Anne is my mother and she only does it when she's really mad at me, like really mad.

"So, every time I step out in public and someone calls my name, I think they're going to yell at me.

"People are like, "Anne!" And I'm like, 'What? What did I do?'

Annie had to apologise last year for her character in The Witches.
Warner Bros.

"People are so lovely they don't want to be presumptuous and so I think they come up with workarounds on set because the truth is nobody's comfortable with calling me Anne ever.

"It doesn't fit. I'm an Annie."

Last year, Annie had to apologise for her portrayal of the Grand High Witch in the reboot of The Witches, which drew criticism for its portrayal of limb differences.

Many people spoke out against the character following the movie's release, with British Paralympic swimmer Amy Marren saying she felt that those with who have limb differences are 'represented as something scary'.

Hathaway then came out and said sorry for any 'pain caused' by the role, having promised to 'do better' in the future in a statement on Instagram.

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