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Will Mellor 'Caught In Act' In Hilarious Two Pints 20th Anniversary Video

Will Mellor 'Caught In Act' In Hilarious Two Pints 20th Anniversary Video

Fans are hoping this means the show is making a return

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Gaz has been caught in the act in a special Two Pints of Lager video.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the hit sitcom, Will Mellor shared a hilarious sketch to his Facebook page.

In the clip, Gaz can be seen taking time out form working in the garage to treat himself to a bit of 'self-care', when his phone starts ringing.

And on the other end of the line, after more than 10 years apart, is his old friend Jonny (Ralf Little), which disrupts his rhythm, understandably.

Given the fact he thought his mate was dead, Gaz is pretty taken aback.

"I might be misremembering, but you definitely got ate by a shark," he says.

Laughing it off, Jonny says: "Well, that's just stupid."

The pair then get reacquainted, with Gaz revealing that he's been busy since we last saw him, going through numerous divorces with Donna.

And it ends with Jonny saying he needs to borrow some money so he can... come back.

Facebook/Will Mellor

While nothing has been confirmed from either actor, the sketch has got fans of the series talking about the show making a possible comeback.

Commenting on the video, one hopeful fan said: "Fab, yes he's coming home, sounds like a sequel to me."

Another wrote: "Amazing cant wait for next instalment # bring johnny home, well done guys."

"Fantastic Johnny is alive..... got to bring back (two pint emoji) now please do this," pleaded a third.

While another added: "YES!! I smell a comeback!!! Take me back to my youth! When TV was proper and when you could laugh and enjoy."

Asking for more content from the two to see where it takes the story, one viewer said: "Excellent viewing!!!! Sequel would be great now please....especially as he is coming home."

Facebook/Will Mellor

Well, according to the show's creator Susan Nickson, she would be keen to bring it back.

She told "Certainly. I think at the point it was cancelled the BBC made the right decision. It left without any diminishment of audience and everybody has gone on to do really fun, popular, wonderful things.

"I was in the US when I heard, and just stayed there for a bit, writing. When you've worked for so long on your own, and had to answer the letters, it's relaxing to be away from that for a while.

"I love audience comedy, clearly it still has a huge place in people's hearts. And I had a brilliant time with the boys on this sketch, I really did.

"So for sure, I think if the appetite is there then why wouldn't we do more?"

Please, do it!

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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