£9.7m Lottery Winner Michael Carroll Has 'Remarried His Ex-Wife'

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Lottery winner Michael Carroll has reportedly remarried his ex-wife, and is now living a quiet life in Belfast.

Carroll, 38, was just 19 when he won the £9.7 million jackpot in 2002, and married wife Sandra Aitken, now also 38, the following year.

They ended up getting divorced in 2008, and by 2013 Carroll found himself bankrupt and on benefits after blowing his fortune.

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However, according to reports, the couple have since got back together, and remarried during an intimate ceremony last Sunday.

The Daily Record reports that they are now enjoying life together in Belfast, with a source telling the outlet: "Mickey's calmed down a lot and has been living quite a nice wee life and working hard.

"Him and Sandra buried the hatchet and got back together and it has all worked out well for them.

"It happened very quickly in the last few months but they fell right back in love and are really happy together now. What's in the past has been forgotten about."

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In 2019, Carroll revealed he was working as a coalman in Moray, Scotland, and was much 'happier'.

Speaking about his reputation as the 'Lotto lout' after blowing his multi-million jackpot, he told The Mirror: "It didn't go wrong - it was the best 10 years of my life for a pound."

Looking back on the tumultuous years after his life-changing win, which saw him slapped with an ASBO in 2005, Carroll continued: "I'd wake up, do three lines of Charlie and drink half a bottle of vodka before I got out of bed.

"I was a full-blown alcoholic, doing two bottles of vodka a day."

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Speaking about wild holidays in Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol with friends, he said: "We used to go to the local whorehouse because the girls there were better looking.

"We'd get our own drugs first and be high on cocaine by the time we rocked up at the brothels.

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"I drank vodka and fresh orange, any lager, cider, or whisky, as long as it was wet.

"I'd wake up in some strange places."

Upon winning the cash, he immediately gave £4 million away, saying: "I gave a million to mum, a million to my aunt and uncle because they took me in and I've always been close to them.

"I gave a million to the ex-wife's mum, and a million to Sandra.

"[...] I spent the rest of the money on drugs and hookers, holidays and cars."

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Carroll referred to himself as a 'skint lottery winner', explaining: "It's got me quite a few women so I don't mind. I'm living in a rented flat.

"I'm happy. I don't have to look over my shoulder any more, no one's going to hit me over the back of the head and rob me.

"I reckon I'm lucky to be alive. If I still had the money I'd probably be six feet under."

Ultimately, Carroll said that he didn't have any regrets, adding: "I wouldn't want to turn the clock back. But I live a good, free lifestyle now and I'm happier because I've got my life back."

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