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Company Gives UK Staff Days Off So They Can Masturbate

Company Gives UK Staff Days Off So They Can Masturbate

When you're stuck in an office job, clocking in when it's still dark and clocking out 10 hours later, by the time you get home there is barely any time to relax, before you have to wake up six hours later to do it all again.

So for most, the idea of having anything that remotely resembles a work-life balance can seem optimistic at best.

Well one company has taken their staff welfare very seriously but gone in a slightly different direction. Rather than letting their staff go home early so they can spend time with their family, they are giving their employees almost an extra week of holiday for so they can masturbate.

Unsurprisingly, the firm behind it is sex toy manufacturer LELO UK, and bosses at the Swedish-based company - of course they're Swedish, so forward thinking - have announced they will let staff take time off so they can focus on their sexual satisfaction.


They have dubbed them 'self love days' - not quite as catchy as 'wank holidays' but it definitely sounds nicer you have to admit.

On these extra four days off, staff are encouraged to 'fulfill' themselves sexually and have as many orgasms as possible, which, bosses at LELO believe will improve employee happiness, reduce stress and boost productivity.

It's a tough life, eh?


But if you think this is just an excuse for them to bunk off work and get a bit of nooky then you would be very mistaken, there is a science behind this, obviously.

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The sexual aid specialist carried out a survey of more than 2,000 Brits, asking them about what makes them happy.

According to the study 78% of people said the orgasms were the way to their heart, whether they have them alone or with a partner.

LELO UK want their staff to 'fulfill' themselves sexually. Credit: PA
LELO UK want their staff to 'fulfill' themselves sexually. Credit: PA

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But the science doesn't stop there, the survey also revealed that 66% said they feel more productive after getting some, while 40% believe they benefit from the happiness and productivity-boosting effects of an orgasm for almost a week afterwards.

Rachael Nsofor, a spokesperson for LELO UK, said: "Being sexually fulfilled and satisfied is something that we at LELO UK feel is a basic human right and it's completely free!

"And as a result of this research, we're delighted to introduce a new initiative where we are offering our UK employees the opportunity to take up to four days a year as a 'self love day'.

"We hope our UK staff use them to do whatever they want to explore their happiness and what makes them tick with the hope that they'll come to work the next day with a spring in their step and be as productive as possible."


If the trial is successful LELO told LADbible it will roll out the 'self love' days to other countries.

Bloody millennials.

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