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Drivers Warned Over Simple Mistake That Could Lead To Hefty Fine As Clocks Go Back

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Drivers Warned Over Simple Mistake That Could Lead To Hefty Fine As Clocks Go Back

With the clocks set to go back this weekend, we're about to be plunged into months of almost perpetual darkness.

And drivers have been warned to take extra care when out on the roads because a simple mistake could see them face a hefty fine.

Car leasing firm Riverdale Leasing has now urged people to remember to switch on their headlights when driving in the dark, otherwise, they could be slapped with a £5,000 fine and up to nine points on their licence. Gulp.

It might seem a needless warning but you'd be surprised how many people forget to switch them on when it starts to get a dark.


If you are stopped by the police, the current fixed-rate for penalties is three points on your licence and a £100 fine.

However, if the police decide that it is a particularly dangerous incident, the motorist could be charged with driving without due care and attention, for which the maximum fine is £5,000.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Bud Johnson, Group Marketing Manager at Rivervale Leasing said: "It can be easy to forget to switch your headlights on, especially when you are in a rush!


"Thankfully most modern cars have the auto setting for headlights, so some drivers won't have to worry about driving unsafely during dark evenings.

"But whenever it is dark outside, you must remember to always check your headlights are switched on and working properly.

"A great way to get in the habit of using your headlights is to switch your lights on half an hour before the sun sets. If you can't see further than 100 metres or you feel your view is obscured in any way, use dim headlights."

But the good news doesn't stop there.

Motorway drivers could now face a £100 fine and three penalty points on their licence if they're caught breaking rules regarding which lane they're in, thanks to a new motorway camera change.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Basically, automatic motorway cameras will be tracking whether people are driving in closed lanes, and won't hesitate to lump drivers with a fine if they're breaking the rules.

To be fair, it couldn't be much easier to spot the lanes you can't drive in, as they're marked with a big red X on the overhead signs, so you've got no excuse for not moving over as soon as possible when necessary.

Sharing the news on Twitter, National Highways said that there is 'no eXcuse' and pointed out that it is illegal to drive in a lane that is closed and marked with an X.


Break the rules, and you'll pay the price. In this case, it's a fine of up to £100 and three points on your licence.

They said: "There's no eXcuse - don't ignore the red X.

"It's illegal to drive in a red X lane and motorway cameras can now automatically detect drivers who flout the law.

"You could receive a £100 fine and get three points on your licence. #KeepUsAllMoving."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: Police, Driving, law, Car, Motorway

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