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Customer drank 26 pints and ran up £452 bill before doing runner from hotel

Customer drank 26 pints and ran up £452 bill before doing runner from hotel

He left chocolates for the hotel staff to thank them, but didn't pay his bill

Police are investigating a man who spent three nights at a hotel, quaffed 26 pints and did a runner without paying his bill.

Last month a man came to The Angel Hotel, Halesworth, Suffolk after he'd booked to stay the night, but in the morning he told staff he'd like to stay another day and did the same again for a three day stay.

During his stay at the hotel he was 'very complimentary' to staff and even left them chocolates to say thank you, while he spent most of his time at the hotel bar.

Over the course of a three night stay he racked up an almighty tab of three pints of Aspall, 15 pints of Birra Moretti, eight pints of Guinness, seven rum and cokes, three full meals and five bags of Mini Cheddars, we mustn't forget the Mini Cheddars.

Three nights at the hotel cost him £210, while his food and drink totted up to £242, leaving him with a big £452 bill to pay when he checked out.

He quaffed 26 pints and seven rum and cokes before doing a runner.
The Angel Hotel/SWNS

However, hotel staff realised something was wrong when he didn't show up for breakfast in the morning and sent them an email saying he'd be back to pay up later on.

They searched his name and found out there were other businesses in the area who were accusing him of doing the same thing.




"It’s disappointing. More than anything, we look after people well here all the time, you’ll find plenty of witnesses of that," said bar manager William Tennant of the bloke doing a runner.

“It’s obviously some sadistic game he likes to play or an addiction he’s got if he’s been doing it for so long. So that’s sad really, to be honest. He’s obviously a sad man.

"He even bought chocolates for us to thank us for our hospitality. It’s not a small amount of money, and turn over wise, you have to earn a significant amount more to get that back, profit-wise."

He left a £452 bill behind him and didn't even pay for his Mini Cheddars.
The Angel Hotel/SWNS

William said the bloke looked to be in his early 50s, had a Suffolk accent and his head was topped with dark, thinning hair.

The bar manager realised in hindsight that the man had been sitting with his back to CCTV in the hotel which he thinks 'must have been an intentional thing', and reckoned that the bloke being so nice to staff was part of the act.

However, the bloke couldn't avoid being caught on camera as the bar manager revealed there was 'footage of him everywhere'.

After the man did a runner from the hotel and sent an email saying he'd be back to pay later they 'never heard from him again' and their attempts to charge the card he provided have been unsuccessful.

They've since reported the man to the police for fraud, because quaffing 26 pints and scoffing five bags of Mini Cheddars really takes the biscuit.

Featured Image Credit: The Angel Hotel/SWNS

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