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Santa Appears To Urinate In Fountain In Christmas Display Blunder

Santa Appears To Urinate In Fountain In Christmas Display Blunder

Merry P***mas

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

For weeks now, city centres all over the planet have been glowing with all kinds of weird and wonderful Christmas lights.

However, a display in Manchester seems to be sending quite an unorthodox festive message.

At street level, there appears to be nothing untoward about the massive Santa Claus and the illuminated archway in Piccadilly Gardens. But from an office window nearby, it does look quite a lot like Father Christmas is firing a hot streak of glowing p*** right over pedestrians.

Even Santa Claus slashes in Piccadilly Gardens.
Facebook/Kyle Dodd

Kyle Dodd shared the observation on Facebook, writing: "There is nothing more Manchester than Santa p***ing into a pond in Piccadilly Gardens, or at least that what I see from my office window."

Father P***mas there - he's like regular Santa Claus, except you definitely shouldn't sit on his lap.

But this is far from the only alternative Christmas light display that has been turning heads this festive season.

One woman in the US decided against decorating her house with reindeers, elves and the like, instead opting to adorn her house with a massive sparkling penis.

Shelby Gash, from Whispering Hills, Kansas, said she made the display for a laugh.

Speaking to TV station WDAF, she said: "The neighbourhood's vibe's kind of gone down 'cause everyone's kind of uptight, so it's more of a, kind of, orneriness.

"People think it's hilarious, people are stopping in the middle of the night and taking photos and laughing, people think it's so much fun - I think there's a lot more laughter than it's bringing out anything uncomfortable."

Rooftop Christmas c**k.
Facebook/Shelby Gash

And just in case there was any doubt about what exactly the display was, Miss Gash confirmed: "It's a giant glowing d***."

Not everyone in the community was best pleased with the festive phallus though, with one neighbour describing it as 'inappropriate' and a 'joke that wears out pretty quickly'.

However, Miss Gash has since explained in a Facebook post that the news report didn't accurately reflect the largely positive response to the rooftop rod.

She said: "I just want to say the news is making it seem like all the neighbours are angry. I never got a personal complaint, I have had tons of neighbours reach out to me saying they LOVE IT!

"The neighbours that were interviewed on the news came over to my house and chuckled with me and they got me a very kind card.

"I'm definitely getting more thumbs up than downs. At the end of the day I have brought laughter and that's what I want to hear."

Well played Miss Gash, you Christmas hero.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kyle Dodd

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