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Shopper Smashes Up Hundreds Of Alcohol Bottles In Aldi Causing Chaos

Shopper Smashes Up Hundreds Of Alcohol Bottles In Aldi Causing Chaos

Police were called to the incident at the Aldi supermarket in Stevenage

A woman smashed hundreds of alcohol bottles on the floor of an Aldi supermarket in a wrecking rampage:

In the shocking video, taken by a witness, the shopper can be seen silently dragging thousands of pounds worth of booze from the supermarket's shelves in Hertfordshire and smashing them on the floor.

Another shopper queuing up at the till told the woman to 'calm down' - but she retaliated and tossed a bottle of gin at his leg, according to reports.

It has also been said that the woman, who was wearing a hoodie, backpack and mustard trousers ended up slipping on the mess and cut her right hand.

Jam Press

In the clip, the aggravated shopper is seen raising one hand in the air as she continues breaking several bottles on the floor.

She was later arrested by police at around 2.30pm, after a security guard managed to detain the suspect and dragged her out of the shop.

Jam Press

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Police said: "Police were called at around 2.30pm on Wednesday to report an incident at the Aldi supermarket in Fairlands Way, Stevenage.

"It was reported that several bottles of alcohol had been thrown onto the floor and smashed. Officers attended and a woman has been arrested."

Aldi declined to comment when approached by LADbible.

In September, a woman smashed bottles in a Co-op store in Surrey with reports that the outbreak began after she was asked to follow the rules in place because of coronavirus.

The woman also chucked eggs and milk around the store before 'punching and kicking' protective screens in front of the tills at the Co-op in Lingfield, Surrey.


CCTV footage from the incident shows the woman cracking a load of wine bottles, leaving the floor covered in a huge amount of liquid and glass.

The store worker said: "One day in May at the height of lockdown, a female customer became very agitated when we asked her to follow the store's one way system.

"She got very angry and started shouting at me and my colleague who were serving customers from behind the protective till screen.

"She stormed up to the till screen and just flipped out, punching and kicking it before rushing over to the alcohol aisle where she started grabbing bottles of wine, sending them smashing them to the ground.

"Two entire shelves of glass bottles came crashing down. She then picked up a basket containing milk and eggs and threw it across the store."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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