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Student Travels 3,600 Miles To Meet Doppelganger With Same Name

Student Travels 3,600 Miles To Meet Doppelganger With Same Name

He drunkenly added his doppelganger after noticing they shared the same name, before travelling across the world to meet him five days later

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Many of you will know what it's like to befriend a complete stranger when you're pissed - usually in a club's smoking area, the loos of a pub or in the queue at Maccy's. You exchange life stories, dish out some heartfelt advice and add each other on Facebook, only to forget about the whole thing the next day.

But one drunk student decided to fly across the world to Canada for the sake of his new-found friendship - which has now turned into a bond for life.

We've all woken up to memories of a random new BFF.
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Ben Codrington, a geography student from Bromley, Kent, was scrolling through Facebook after a night out and spotted a stranger with the exact same name, who popped up as a suggested contact.

Rather than shrugging it off as a neat coincidence, the 21-year-old decided to add the other Ben - who lives in Toronto, Canada - and the pair started chatting.

Five days after, Bromley Ben then flew 3,600 miles to Canada to meet his new pal Toronto Ben in person.

Miraculously, it turned out the two men also looked alike and shared similar interests - both into gaming and rap music, and both budding stand-up comedians. They are also the same age, born just weeks apart.

But even more amazingly, both Bens were dressed as a banana in their profile pictures.

Bromley Ben.
Toronto Ben.

The transatlantic doppelgangers had a night out in Toronto and soon realised they got on 'like a house on fire'.

Now the pair say they are 'forever friends', with Bromley Ben saying: "I started talking to him and I couldn't believe we had the same unusual surname and were both wearing banana costumes in our Facebook profiles.

"He invited me for a drink and a meal in Toronto and I said, 'Yep, let's go for it.'

"It was a hell of a long way to go but I decided to spend my savings on the air fare and we got on like a house on fire because amazingly we are so similar.

"We went for a drink and a meal in downtown Toronto and found we both have a very similar sense of humour, and both found the whole idea of meeting up equally amusing.

"We both grew up in major cities and lived urban lifestyles, we both moved away from home for university, to universities which roughly had the same entrance requirements.

"We even look like a bit like each other - a pair of doppelgangers."

The two Bens together.

Toronto Ben, a computer science student, added: "I couldn't believe it.

"One minute we were messaging online and a few days later we were having a drink together in my hometown.

"Some of my friends warned me the guy might be some sort of a fraud coming to con me or something because the whole thing was a string of coincidences, starting with our names.

"But I'm really glad Ben decided to travel halfway across the world to meet me - we're friends for life now."

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