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UK Spotify Premium Customers Can Get A Free Google Nest Speaker

UK Spotify Premium Customers Can Get A Free Google Nest Speaker

The offer is open to both new and existing Spotify customers

Spotify Premium users can get a free Google Nest smart speaker today, just for having the subscription. The offer is open to new Premium customers too.

The music streaming service has teamed up with Google, meaning all subscribers can get themselves a free Google Nest Mini. Sounds too good to be true? It's actually not.


You need to get a move on though, the offer's only available until 30 September or while stocks last - you also need to be in the UK. You only get one code each (don't be greedy) and you have until 31 October to redeem it.

The streaming service website says that 'all eligible new and existing Spotify Premium individual, Family, Duo and Student master account holders in the UK' can get the deal.

All you do is follow this link to the Spotify website, log in and link your Google account with Spotify.

You get a choice of four colours - chalk, charcoal, coral or sky - and then you should be able to add a delivery address. It then zeros down from £49.99 ($66.90) in the basket and away you go - it really is as simple as that.


While you're on Spotify, you might as well have a go at giving your pet its very own playlist - because why not?

Spotify for Pets uses an algorithm, as well as some basic information about your pet, to create the perfect playlist that you can listen to together.

The music streaming service has found that one in five pet owners named their fur baby with either an artist or genre of music in mind, with the top five names including Bob Marley, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Bowie and Ozzy.

First, you answer a few simple questions about your pet's personality. It asks things like whether they are relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly - all in the name of finding the perfect playlist for your pet.

What an outstanding specimen of a cat.

Next you add a personal touch, with their name and photo. The cover is then a memory that you can cherish forever. And of course, did you even make a pet playlist unless you share it on social media? I think not.

The website explains: "There is something uniquely special about the relationship we humans have with our pets - it's one filled with unconditional love, licks, snuggles, and cuddles.

"It's hard to put into words the emotion these animals give us - other than pure happiness. So it's only natural that we want to make them feel good, too, and many pet owners believe they do exactly that with music."

Have a go at it here.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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