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An Instagram Challenge Is Daring People To Masturbate Every Day In May

An Instagram Challenge Is Daring People To Masturbate Every Day In May

Did someone say masturbation May?

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Self-masturbation, self-masturbation, self-masturbation - the more we say it the less stigma will be attached to it, right? Wrong, apparently.

It's normal and healthy, people. And, what's more, pretty much everyone does it.

But, as previously mentioned, there's some fucked up condemnation on the act itself (sometimes) which Amy Baldwin and April Lampert - the co-hosts of the Shameless Sex podcast - are hoping to stamp out the shame of it with their Self-Pleasure 30-Day Instagram Challenge.

The 30 day self-pleasure challenge.

Taking to Instagram, Amy and April wrote: "The intention of this challenge is to help de-stigmatize #selfpleasure while also giving participants an opportunity to connect with their own pleasure/body on a deeper level."

They then explain the 'instructions', which I'm sure are quite self-explanatory to the majority. Basically, you must pleasure yourself for a minimum of 10 minutes each and every day - using no porn and no vibrators.

Many people have questioned why the banning of such aids. But I can't help notice - they didn't demand that you abstain from porn or toys during this period - just for this one daily sesh. Just sayin'.

Clarifying the point, Amy and April said: "The intention of this challenge isn't to shame people for using vibrators or porn.

"It's to give them an opportunity to connect to the subtle sensations in their bodies that are often hard to feel with vibrators. There's a lot available in the slowness and presence that comes with using hands."

As well as the actual masturbation itself, Amy and April are asking participants to direct message or email an anonymous photograph of themselves stating something about your current self-pleasure practice in 10 words of less.

Then, during the month of May you can send another anonymous photo describing your week's experience - what you learned, challenges, breakthroughs. Homework, if you like.

And many people are up for taking on the challenge which is encouraging to see. Some people even set up a competition with mates by tagging others with the comment 'let's do this!'

One friend responded: "Shit yeah, I'm in!! I wanna win this so bad haha".

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