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Doctors Warn Against Bizarre TikTok Face Waxing Trend

Doctors Warn Against Bizarre TikTok Face Waxing Trend

The clips have picked up millions of views

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Doctors have warned against a bizarre and 'senseless' new TikTok trend that sees people covering their entire face in hot wax and then ripping it off.

Clips filmed in a barber shop in the Netherlands show a man a coating the face of a customer in wax, leaving it to dry and then whipping it off to remove the hair.


Kapsalon Freedom salon in Gemert, Netherlands, has more than 850,000 followers as well as millions of views on their facial waxing clips - some of which involve peoples' entire faces being covered with just cotton buds up the nose to make air holes.

Barber Renaz Ismael, who runs the shop, says while facial waxing is a fairly common treatment, he's taken it to another level by covering much more of the face than usual.

But he denies the treatment causes any damage to customers.

He told the BBC: "I am the first person in the world who has done whole waxing

"It's not bad for your skin."


However, not everyone is in agreement. Dr Emma Wedgeworth, who is a consultant dermatologist and spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation strongly advises against it.

She told the Daily Mail: "The bottom line is that this is a senseless practice, which has more potential for harm than good and I would not advise it."

She added: "I would not recommend treating children or anyone with broken skin.

"I see little need to remove hair in under 13s and if blackheads are a problem, there are plenty of other, far better options."

While Dr Simran Deo, from Zava UK, warned the news outlet the practice could lead to burns, which could in turn lead to 'pigmentation, blistering and permanent scarring, which can also affect self-esteem'.

He also warned there's a danger of suffocation because of how the wax is applied.


He added: "The TikTok videos also demonstrate the wax being poured over the whole face, covering both the air passages of the nose and the mouth.

"If the airways are blocked, oxygen cannot enter, and if the wax is not removed fast enough there is a potential for suffocation as the wax hardens."

So, definitely not one to try at home.

LADbible has contacted Kapsalon Freedom salon for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kapsalonfreedomboxmeer

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