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Mia Khalifa 'Caught' Picking Up Poo With Mask Before Putting It Back On

Mia Khalifa 'Caught' Picking Up Poo With Mask Before Putting It Back On

Mamma Mia

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Mia Khalifa has been 'caught' using a face mask to pick up dog poo, before popping the mask back across her mush. You can see for yourself here:

In the video, the influencer, presenter and former porn star can be seen halting a dog walk after her pooch seemingly left a plop by the pavement.

Presumably having forgotten her crap bags, the 27-year-old takes off her face mask and uses it to pick up the turd and chuck it in a nearby bin.

But rather than toss the soiled mask in there as well, Mia opts to wrap it back around her mush once again.


Yum yum.

Thankfully for us, record producer Benny Blanco happened to be covertly recording Mia from behind a nearby vehicle, almost as if he anticipated the sh*tty shenanigans that were about to go down.

He subsequently shared the footage with his 480,000+ TikTok followers, captioning the video: "I just saw Mia Khalifa put poop on her face."

The video has been viewed more than 8.3 million times and Mia has acknowledged the dirty deed on Instagram, writing: "Honestly, I'd rather be shamed for this than not wearing a mask.


So it seems that was the point of this sh*tty stunt - to argue that wearing sh*t on your face is less objectionable than being the kind of sh*thead who doesn't wear a mask.

Indeed, she also shared a video on her own TikTok page - which appears to have been recorded on the same dog walk - in which her pooch could be seen wearing a face mask.

In the clip, Mia said: "Safety first, everyone has to wear a mask."

You got her point then chaps? Wear a face mask you sh*tmunchers.

I'm talking mainly to you, Piers Morgan.

The presenter was caught in the back of a taxi last weekend without his mask.

The 55-year-old had been out at Harry's Bar in London with his wife Celia when paparazzi photographed him in the back of the cab without a mask - with government guidelines stating that passengers in taxis and private cars must wear face coverings.

Addressing the pictures on Good Morning Britain, he said: "As I pulled away I realised what I had done - I had forgotten my mask.

"I do think masks matter and I got caught without one."

He added: "I had two [masks] in my pockets but I was chatting to the paps.

"Fair enough, they nailed me. No one wants to hear excuses from us, no one wants to hear that from us. I will now think twice as hard to remember to wear it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/itsbennyblanco

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