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Nurse Who Bragged About Not Wearing Mask Is No Longer Employed By Hospital

Nurse Who Bragged About Not Wearing Mask Is No Longer Employed By Hospital

Ashley Grames was an oncology nurse with Salem Health

A nurse who bragged about not wearing a mask is no longer employed by her hospital, it has been confirmed.

Ashley Grames was an oncology nurse with Salem Health in Oregon, US, and took to TikTok recently to joke that her colleagues would not be too impressed if they found out she didn't wear a mask outside of work.

She also told her followers she still travels and lets her children have playdates.

However, following the backlash Ms Grames received after posting the video, a spokesperson for the company has now confirmed to BuzzFeed that she is 'no longer employed' by Salem Health.

The hospital would not confirm whether or not she quit or was fired, telling the publication: "We do not publicly discuss personnel decisions."

In the clip, the cancer nurse can be seen wearing her scrubs in what appears to be a room in the hospital.

The caption reads: "When my co-workers find out I still travel, don't wear a mask when I am out and let my kids have playdates."

The sound of people screaming is then played over the video.

The video and Ms Grames' TikTok handle - @loviskind05 - have since been deleted.

She was identified in the video by hospital officials for the Statesman Journal.

The cancer nurse no longer works for Salem Health following the controversy surrounding her video.

Shortly after the original video was posted, Grames' employer suspended her and said it showed a 'cavalier disregard' for the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Salem Health said: "Yesterday, a nurse employed with Salem Health posted a video on social media which displayed cavalier disregard for the seriousness of this pandemic and her indifference towards physical distancing and masking outside of work.

"This video has prompted an outcry from concerned community members. We want to thank those of you who brought this to our attention and assure you that we are taking this very seriously.

"This individual does not speak for Salem Health and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

"We also want to assure you that this one careless statement does not reflect the position of Salem Health or the hardworking and dedicated caregivers who work here.

"Salem Health believes we all need to do our part to protect the vulnerable and stop the rapid spread of Covid-19.

"This includes requiring staff, patients and visitors to follow guidance from the CDC and others about mask wearing and social distancing.

"The Covid pandemic is serious and requires a serious response. And at Salem Health we are very serious about our approach to Covid."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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