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Person Threatens To 'Call The Police' After Woman Shows How Husband Eats Pizza

Person Threatens To 'Call The Police' After Woman Shows How Husband Eats Pizza

He claims it 'cools' the pizza down

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A person threatened to 'call the police' after a woman revealed how her husband likes to eat pizza.

Sharing her other half's culinary hack, the woman described how he likes to rinse his pizza under the tap in order to cool it down more quickly.

Writing on Reddit, the woman, using the handle DaddyRavioli, said: "My husband believes running pizza under water to cool it down is acceptable.

"Pretty much what the title says. Not my opinion, but my husband's. In college my husband and I would make oven pizzas and he would run his slices under the water fountain to cool it down faster. He says it didn't change the taste and was still good."

But it's safe to say that people didn't really take to the idea, with some joking that he should be locked up, while others advised the woman to consider her relationship with him.

Commenting on the thread, one user said: "Your husband is a raccoon. Kick him out before he eats the cat."

Another joked: "I'm calling the police."

"What???? How is that...I can't even. That's awful. Tell your husband I said he's crazy," chimed in a third.

While another put: "So sorry to hear about your future divorce."

But not everyone was so against it, with one person at least accepting that he might be onto something.

They said: "I'm pretty much up voting all the comments. Your husband is a lunatic, but many geniuses are considered as such at first."

The woman's husband rinses his pizza to cool it down.

But he's not the only person who has caused a stir online with their questionable cooking techniques.

A TikTok user recently went viral after sharing what she says is a healthier way to cook minced beef - rinsing it to remove the grease.

TikToker Emily Harper (@eemilydharperr) shared a video of her 'kitchen tip' in action, saying: "Let me show you what I learned in Nutrition a couple years ago."

In the clip, she puts ground beef into a frying pan and breaks it up with a spatula and leaving it to cook.

"All this grease is disgusting," Harper says as the beef browns, moving it around in the pain to show the fatty liquid surrounding the meat.

"So get rid of it!"

Harper then pours the mince into a sieve in the sink, before running it under the tap to rinse it.

Shaking off the excess water, she then pours the beef mince back into the original pan, saying: "Look at the difference!"

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/DaddyRavioli

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