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Teen Thinks She’s Opened Demonic Realm After Singing Song About Her Mum

Dominic Smithers

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Teen Thinks She’s Opened Demonic Realm After Singing Song About Her Mum

A teen believes she may have opened a demonic realm after singing about her mum. Watch it for yourself:


Emily Yingling shared her bizarre experience to her TikTok channel recently, warning her followers of the war that's being waged for our souls.

In the footage posted to her channel, the 18-year-old can be seen sitting outside enjoying herself.

But then, suddenly, in the distance, comes an eerie screech of: "I want her soul."


Emily shared the brief video with a caption that warned her followers about the fact that dark forces are trying to take their souls.

It read: "The demonic realm is so real people. There's a war for our souls. Jesus is the only way we can be safe."

Credit: TikTok/@mlelime
Credit: TikTok/@mlelime

In a later video, Emily discussed the Book of Revelation and how often people can interpret what the Bible is trying to say.

She explains: "Ok, so I had a lot of questions about the previous video I posted, but I wanted to switch it up and talk about something a little more positive.

"So I'm gonna show you guys something. So if you look at Revelations 1:1, the title of this chapter is called 'The Revelation of Jesus Christ'.

"And this book has a lot of different interpretations and a lot of different ways that people perceive it, but I just wanna show you guys something that might change that perspective a little bit.

Credit: TikTok/@mlelime
Credit: TikTok/@mlelime

"So when you look at the word 'revelation' in the Greek, because this book in the Bible was originally written in Greek, it's the word 'apocalypse'. And when you think of the Apocalypse, what do you think of? You think of the end of the world, there are zombies running around and everything is on fire.

"That is not what it means. What it actually means is to remove a veil or to make manifest."

Emily then goes on to explain that often people misinterpret even the most simple of things, such as the meaning of a word.

And she says that people need to be more receptive to the 'word of God' and look for his 'truths' rather than looking out for their own interests.

She goes on: "God has mysteries hidden inside his very word that can transform us entirely.

"And that is just one word, so that goes to show that so much has been misinterpreted and there's a bright side to everything that's going on right now, because it's getting darker and darker in this world but I'm just here to tell you that God's gonna do something about it."

You've been warned.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mlelime

Topics: religion, TikTok

Dominic Smithers
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