Woman Thinks She Spots Ghost During Virtual Flat Viewing


A TikTok user was confused to notice a chilling detail while having a virtual viewing on a flat.

Sarah Vanderbilt posted the video on social media which shows her looking around the apartment on a virtual tour.

Although this sort of technology has been a lifesaver throughout the pandemic, being new roomies with a ghost probably isn't the most appealing prospect to a potential renter.

Sarah moves through the kitchen area, showing a view onto a terrace and then moves into the main bedroom.

As Sarah was looking through the rooms, she spotted someone lying on the bed in the bedroom. The Google Street View style tour moved into the room and the figure just disappeared.

The bedroom looks cosy, with furnishings and a tapestry, but the woman, who seems to be lying on her side looks like she's scrolling through TikTok in the afterlife.

She captioned it: "Just looking at some apartments on Streeteasy."

The video, which soon went viral, was soon revealed as less creepy and more funny, with hundreds commenting.

Using an audio clip of US talk show host Wendy Williams saying: "What was that?"

The video has more than 820,000 views, with people finding the clip hilarious.

One wrote: "Just a spirit, a memory," with another adding: "That was just her spirit it's fine."

Someone else joked: "Free ghost - she just scrolls on TikTok in the corner and knocked over the oat milk."

Another commented: "I do these tours for work and there's a way to blur out people's faces. Why they gotta do her dirty like that lol."

But the ghost in question turned out to be a TikTok fan.

She replied saying: "OMG OMG OMG that's me and this is my apartment, this is sooo hilarious."

The original poster responded, tagging in the girl whose apartment it is.

She wrote: "I'm so happy you found this and that you found it funny because it actually made my day when I saw this on Streeteasy."

One minute she's there, the next she's not. Credit: TikTok

The ghost replied: "Of course! When they posted it I also thought it was hilarious."

Streeteasy is a real estate app based in New York. It lets users search for apartments for rent and sale, as well as filter by various aspects, including amenities, elevators, whether pets are allowed and what appliances it has.

As we now know, it also has 3D virtual viewings.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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