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14-Year-Old Boy Breaks Guinness World Record For Having The Largest Mouth

14-Year-Old Boy Breaks Guinness World Record For Having The Largest Mouth

Big mouth strikes again!

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A 14-year-old boy from the USA has taken the world record for - wait for it - largest mouth gape.

What do you mean you can't believe there's a record for that? There's a record for everything nowadays.

Anyway, this particular honour has been awarded to Isaac Johnson, from Bloomington in Minnesota, for his incredible ability to open his mouth 3.6 inches wide.

That's enough for him to perform feats such as shoving entire drinks bottles, tennis balls and a whole heap of marshmallows into his gob.

Isaac 'always knew' he was different from the other kids at an early age, as the video footage shows, but it was only in 2016 or 2017 that he realised that his oral advancement was massively above normal.

Guinness World Records

Then, one day, he was flicking through his brother's copy of Guinness World Records 2016 and saw that there was actually an award for this sort of thing.

One of the winners in that category had what's known as a 'number four' jaw, just like Isaac's.

At the time of his discovery he was around three centimetres off, but - given that he's only 14 - he eventually grew into his gob and has now taken the overall title.

You'd imagine there's still some growing left in him, too.

Bad news for all the other competitive big-mouth-havers (?) out there.

In the video footage, we can see Isaac putting a variety of large pieces of fruit into his mouth in order to 'demonstrate how big my mouth is'.

He is obviously fascinated to see how much food he can cram into his face.

Aren't we all, right?

Joking aside, it's a massive honour for him to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records, as he's been a fan of the annual since he was a kid.

He said: "Actually being in it seems unreal.

"I don't know what the future holds but if I could attempt a record, I'm really good at the chubby bunny game."

OK... what the hell is the chubby bunny game? Definitely don't Google that.

Guinness World Records

Anyway, people online have been fascinated at seeing the capacity of Isaac's mouth.

Underneath the original video, one person wrote: "Dentist: OK, now open your mouth.

"Isaac: *accidentally eats dentist.*"

Actually when you think about it, Isaac is probably the easiest patient that his dentist ever sees.

Another person said: "The weirder thing is that he is gonna grow and the gape will increase."

Yep, that is the weirdest thing about this whole story.

Featured Image Credit: Guinness World Records

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