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Bizarre Clip Shows Naked Man Taking Shower At Car Wash

Bizarre Clip Shows Naked Man Taking Shower At Car Wash

A fella was filmed getting completely naked and showering off at a car wash in Australia.

In a bizarre clip, the man turned up at the Parkland's Car and Dog Wash in Meridan Plains, on the Sunshine Coast, completely naked just after midnight on Sunday 16 August.

While holding his crotch, he grabs a hose from the wall and passes it to his fully-dressed companion who then starts to hose him down while filming everything on his phone.


He can be seen ducking and jumping around as he's blasted with not only water but chemicals from the hose pipe. Not ideal.

He then goes off to the self-serve bay, to rinse off.

Geoff Bowen, from Parkland's Car and Dog Wash, said he arrived at work one day earlier this month to find one of the water gun hoses lying on the ground.

Speaking to, he said: "I just quickly looked at it [the CCTV] to see if anything needs attention and I saw that and I backtracked from there." What a treat that must have been for poor Geoff, eh?


He explained: "The first one it comes out is a high pH, that dissolves grime and bird droppings.

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"The next one is a neutraliser, a low pH. He was in the machine and he kept moving so the sensor detected 'there's something wrong here' and shut the machine off."

When asked by the news outlet if it was likely that the chemical mix would burn, Geoff added: "Yeah, I would reckon.

Credit: Facebook/Parkland's Car and Dog Wash
Credit: Facebook/Parkland's Car and Dog Wash

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"To do that you have to be young and have young skin. He'd be on fire - like chilli juice on your skin."

Geoff shared the clip on Facebook where it's certainly caused a bit of a stir, with Geoff saying the response has been 'great'.

He told "It's made it a very pleasant atmosphere, a very jovial workplace."

Oh and in case you're wondering what happened to the bloke in the video, Geoff said: "The word is that he's fine, his health is fine, but he's not enjoying his new-found fame.


"Business has been so good so I think we'll give him a few." Let's hope he's got a car, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Parkland’s Car and Dog Wash

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