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Boss Of Rental Sex Doll Firm Reveals How They're Cleaned Between Customers

Boss Of Rental Sex Doll Firm Reveals How They're Cleaned Between Customers

Well this is something of an eye opener...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

NSFW. I repeat, NSFW.

This video shows the harsh reality of the clean-up process at a sex doll rental company. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it:

Natrl Dolls in Calgary, Canada, has a collection of 12 female and one male figurines which can be leased for US $142 (£109) for two hours or US $217 (£167) a night.

With sex dolls costing around US $6,000 (£4,642), the service represents a significant saving over an outright purchase. The only problem is, despite the saving you have no idea how clean the sex doll you're hiring is or what the previous user... did.

But now the Natrl Dolls' founder, who wishes to be named only as 'Justin', is hoping to put some minds at ease after releasing footage showing how the dolls are cleaned between rentals.

A doll quite literally having her mouth washed out.

He explained: "The washing, cleaning and scrubbing of each doll lasts close to 45 minutes to an hour. The head screws off, the wig comes off and we wash the hair.

"There are three orifices that we have to clean - the mouth, the anus and the vagina. We hang the doll up in the air over a shower facility and the entire exterior is cleaned with antibacterial soap and then a medical soap.

"It is a very thorough process and every square inch is cleaned. The vagina is taken out and cleaned. The insides are cleaned with soap.

"We rinse it all out and then we use hydrogen peroxide as a second cleaner. We then take a UV light which helps kill any bacteria on the doll."

The doll being scrubbed down.

Not quite done there, Justin went on: "Then we use a black light that will pick up any bacteria and show it as blue. So we can wipe away any residue that might have escaped the cleaning process.

"We definitely go above and beyond when it comes to cleaning the dolls."

Customers are also asked to use a condom. We can't help but wonder how many oblige.

Towel drying a head.

However, Justin says not all his clients rent a doll for sexual reasons - some simply enjoy the company.

He said: "Some people want a love doll for companionship or mental health reasons. People with disabilities use our service.

"A lot of our customers are socially awkward and maybe they have a hard time dealing with the opposite sex or having a relationship."

Irrespective of what the client is planning on doing with the doll, Justin's contract includes a clause that customers will cover the costs of excessive wear and tear and any damage to the doll. He's not daft.

He said: "One customer broke the back of the doll. I don't even know how that is possible. He admitted to it and paid for the doll. But usually the wear and tear isn't too bad. The biggest wear and tear is actually their fingers and hands.

"We have one doll that we are retiring because the knees are scuffed up. Someone must have dragged her across a rough surface. The life span for our dolls is probably between four to six months."

One of the dolls is set to retire due to her knees being scuffed up.

His most popular doll is a blonde Russian figurine named Anastasia, a former ski instructor with C cup breasts. A former ski instructor, just let that sink in for a second.

Natrl Dolls began just three months ago and business is already booming with plans to expand into other Canadian cities and the US later this year.

Justin revealed: "We have clients between 20 and 60 years old and all types of races. We are getting couples who are interested in hiring a doll and we have had handicapped people who rent from us.

"Around half our business is a rental of two hours and the other half is sleepovers. We have had people rent a doll for two or three days at a time. But we've had enquiries from people who want to rent the dolls for up to a month."

He criticised the stigma around the use of sex dolls and pointed out that the service could lead to a reduction in sex trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

He said: "People shouldn't be ashamed of sex dolls. They shouldn't be hidden away in a closet. I think a change is coming. We have seen that our customers are there and our service is being well received.

"Using a doll instead of using an escort is going to reduce human trafficking and hopefully it will reduce prostitution and STDs. It is legal versus illegal."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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