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16-Year-Old Boy Loses His Virginity After 'Winning Ticket To Sex Island'

16-Year-Old Boy Loses His Virginity After 'Winning Ticket To Sex Island'

Like any 16-year-old plied with drugs, women, and booze, it's fair to say he had a good laugh

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Remember we told you yesterday about the Sex Island? A magical (well, not really) place that for a decent amount of cash you can get all of the sex and drugs that you want whilst you stay in a hotel with a private beach, nightclubs, and a whole load of sex workers.

Well, here's another heart-warming tale from that remote - and massively bizarre - island getaway.

The Mail brings us the stirring tale of a 16-year-old virgin from New York who managed to win two tickets out to the raunchy party and spent a wild weekend there.

Needless to say, he has returned as a virgin no more.

The Sex Island.
Good Girls Company

The young man, identified only as Brian, says that he travelled along to the island - thought, but not confirmed, to be Margarita Island near Venezuela - for the four-day-long sex, drugs (bring your own rock and roll) party.

It was a weekend of firsts for the young sex tourist. He drank alcohol for the first time, had sex for the first time, and took drugs - you've guessed it - for the very first time.

Despite living in New York, Brian is originally from Chile, and he won passage on a luxury yacht from the Caribbean to the unknown location after entering a competition using his dad's credit card.

His dad knew nothing of it, but he was still allowed to go on the trip - strangely enough. It's not known whether the permission came from dad or the organisers of the event.

I'm just guessing here, but you'd have to imagine his father didn't OK it...

Good Girls Company

Like all hormonal 16-year-old boys, he has returned with a new outlook on life, and even believes that he is now in love with one of the women he met there. He now claims that he wants to make an honest woman of her, as well.

It costs £4,600 to get out there, by the way, unless you nick a family member's card and get really lucky.

Of his adventure, the intrepid explorer said: "It was incredible, so amazing that I want to cry just thinking about it. I had sex for the first time, alcohol for the first time and I did drugs for the first time.

"I was really nervous at first, but the other men did everything to help me and put my mind at rest. They became like a family to me.

"Every guest was allowed to choose two girls who would spend the entire vacation with them. One of my girls was called Andrea, and I fell in love with her. I want her to be my girlfriend, she treats me so well."

Good Girls Company

He continued: "I want to marry her, and she says she wants to come and live in the United States. I've kept her number and hope to see her again soon."

We won't hold our breath for updates on that particular love story, eh?

So, why did he do all of this? Obviously, to stop all the other boys laughing at him.

He added: "I want all the kids who laugh at me in school to see how much of a man I am. I have two girls and they have none."

Insert your own Ricky Gervais "Ooh, you're hard," joke here.

Good Girls Company

In summary, he really enjoyed himself. As you'd imagine a 16-year-old boy plied with sex workers, drugs, and booze would.

For about 15 seconds, at the very least.

He concluded: "I did so many things over the weekend which I'll never forget.

"I salsa danced with topless women. I played strip tennis with the girls taking off their clothes as we played. It was amazing and unforgettable.

"But the best part was the sex. I didn't expect that I would like it so much, but I absolutely love it. It's an awesome feeling.

"On the first night the two girls go me drunk and I had sex for the first time in my life. It felt so good. I didn't know what to do, but they did it for me."

Featured Image Credit: Sex Island

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