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Gordon Ramsay And James Corden Ate Some Disgusting Stuff To Avoid Answering Awkward Questions

Tom Wood

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Gordon Ramsay And James Corden Ate Some Disgusting Stuff To Avoid Answering Awkward Questions

Ever wanted to see Gordon Ramsay eat a bull's penis? How about James Corden scoffing down grasshoppers in clam juice? Well today is your lucky day.

We've all heard of the game 'Would You Rather', right? You get two choices - usually two horrible choices - and you've got to decide which scenario you'd prefer to find yourself in.

Well, imagine a version of the game where, rather than just picking which one you'd rather do, you actually had to do it. Also, it's on national television. Still keen? Thought not.

Gordon Ramsay must have been cursing his agent then when he appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and discovered that this was exactly what he was going to have to do.

In a segment called 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts', both participants had to sit at a table full of horrible food and choose whether to eat some of it or answer a very sensitive question.

They weren't messing about with the choice of gross snacks, either - bull's penis, chicken feet, clam juice, and pickled pig's feet juice were all on the menu.

Corden went first, as Ramsay asked which of his very lucrative endorsements he doesn't actually use.


Presumably to keep his advertising career intact, Corden agreed to get stuck into a huge cow's tongue - which was probably the least worrying thing on the table.

They then started 'marinating' some of the dishes together, which was probably a bad idea for both of them.

Ramsay refused to answer which celebrity he didn't want back in his restaurants. This meant that he had to eat bull's penis in hot sauce.

To be fair, he ate it but then immediately regretted his decision.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

He said: "My nose is running and I think my arse is bleeding." There's a mental image for you.

And on it went, until finally Corden asked the potty-mouthed chef: "You are a successful, Michelin-starred chef, you are the greatest export that Britain has ever had, you are married, you have four beautiful children - when was the last time that you ever shit your pants?"

The 'treat' on offer for evading the question? Chicken's foot, dropped into some salmon ice cream and then covered in clam juice. Just answer the question, for God's sake! There are worse things to admit on television but there aren't too many worse things to eat.

Ramsay ate it though, then promptly vomited it all back up. Surprise, surprise.

We probably shouldn't expect to see chicken foot, salmon ice cream, or clam juice in any of his restaurants any time soon.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: CBS / The Late Late Show with James Corden

Topics: Food, James Corden, US News, Gordon Ramsay, TV

Tom Wood
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