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'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves Has His Fake Six-Pack Implanted Into His Backside

'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves Has His Fake Six-Pack Implanted Into His Backside

The Celebrity Big Brother star removed the six-pack after eight years because he 'didn't work out for it'

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Rodrigo Alves - a man known as the 'Human Ken Doll' because of the amount of surgery he has had - has taken perhaps his most drastic step yet and removed his fake six-pack so that it can be put into his bum.

Yes, the former Celebrity Big Brother star has gone under the knife once again, and this time it's possibly his most drastic and bizarre procedure yet.

Basically, he decided that he wanted a bigger bum, but instead of just having the doctors sort that out for him, the 36-year-old decided to have his famous six-pack shifted into his backside to give him a Brazilian Bum Lift.


Oh, and then he decided to have the whole thing done for a show on German television channel RTL.

Alves decided that he was finished with his six-pack after eight years, that's why he decided to have it implanted into his a**e.

He told the Daily Mail: "As much as people thought that it was amazing I don't think that it passed on the right message since I didn't work out for it I just paid for it.

"Also, the six-pack didn't match the rest of my body and started to look a bit silly!"


Righto, the only logical thing to do is have it removed and stuck somewhere else, then?

So, off he popped to the Comfort Zone clinic in Turkey where Doctor Serkan Balt performed the five-hour-long liposuction procedure that saw him rid of his fake abdominal muscles.

In case you're interested, they removed between three and five litres of fat throughout the whole thing.

Mmm, isn't that a nice image to hold on to?


Then, that fat was stuck into his behind and hips in order to provide him with a more ample a**e than previously.

Alves added: "I see all my plastic surgeries as an evolution of me as a person! I never wanted to look like a Ken Doll or to be a Ken Doll. I just wanted to be unique and to show the world that in life anything is possible."


He also said that, as well as putting a bit more junk into the trunk, he wanted to show the viewers of the programme they can change their looks if they're unhappy with them.

Yes, you too could have your false stomach muscles implanted into your ass.

Featured Image Credit: RTL

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