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Law Student Dresses As Spider-Man To Accept His Degree

Law Student Dresses As Spider-Man To Accept His Degree

Anything to take away from the boredom of a graduation ceremony...

University graduation ceremonies are obviously lovely events - they are a celebration of hard work paying off, of knowledge gained, all of that.

However, anyone who has ever been to one knows that they are also deathly boring. A lot of speeches, uncomfortable gowns, and then a long and tedious wait whilst every single person's name is called out. Sure, it's for a good reason, but they aren't half dull.

Well, one LAD decided to liven up his ceremony by dressing as Spider-Man.


OK, so that's a strange way to go about it, but it's got to be more exciting than - you know - not having someone dressed as Spider-Man, I guess?

The LAD in question is 22-year-old Hiram Yahir Salas Romero, and he's a recent law graduate from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

Romero thought that he'd liven proceedings up a bit by dressing as the web-slinging superhero for his big day. You can't argue with that logic.


The graduation ceremony had a dress code that required students to wear formal suits and ties, but he snuck off to change into his alternative outfit.

It wasn't for everyone. Romero claims that there was some booing as he walked up to get his diploma, and the master of ceremonies reminded everyone of the 'solemnity' of the event.

Well, quite.

Romero said: "None of the authorities said anything. They just looked at me unhappily. I don't remember if the Rector said anything, but I think I got a smile out of him."

That's fine then. He also displayed a sign that read: "For the love of my life, my mother."


That's lovely. His mum must be very proud.

Seriously though, Romero said that not only had his dear old mum supported him through university, but also paid for his lovely Spider-Man costume.

That's a devoted mum, there. My mam once made me a Thunderbirds costume out of cereal packets, but I was three and had not yet graduated from nursery, let alone picked up a law degree.

Romero says that Spider-Man is an inspiration to him because he is a "human with problems but also with the desire to help people with his special powers and intellect."

Well, needless to say his little stunt has divided opinion - there are some who think he detracted from the solemnity of the event, there are others who think it's great.

If it's anything like most graduation ceremonies, there is another much larger group that were simply asleep throughout the whole affair.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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