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Man Left Confused After Receiving Three-Headed Duck In The Post From China

Man Left Confused After Receiving Three-Headed Duck In The Post From China

Brent says he has no idea why it has been sent to him

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A man has been left mightily confused after he received a three-headed duck in the post.

Brent Braaten, from Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, says he doesn't have a clue why he was sent the mystery package, which had a return address of China.

The 42-year-old, who works in a brewery, says the bizarre taxidermy duck only came with a couple of instructions: firstly, it should be ventilated for two to three days and, secondly, that a hair dryer should be used on it to 'fluffy the feather'.

He said: "I received the package last Tuesday. It was an ordinary looking box. Inside the box was another box. Inside that box was a lot of packing material.

"As I tore into the plastic a duckling's head emerged. I physically jumped back from the package. I was shaken - no one expects a dead animal in the mail.

"When I gathered the courage to investigate further, I found two more heads. Someone had sent me a mutant three-headed duckling in the post!"

Penn News

Adding: "It was addressed to me so I feel like it was either sent to me by a friend who wanted me to experience a whimsical mystery or an enemy who wanted me to possess a cursed object."

When asked whether it could have been sent to him by someone out of revenge, Brent said he doesn't think he has wronged someone enough for them to go to such sinister lengths.

"I'd like to think that people generally like me and consider me an affable guy," he said.

"I've had some bad breakups, though, so it could be an ex-lover."

And while he can't find any evidence in his bank statements of having drunkenly ordered the duck himself, Brent said it wouldn't be totally out of character for him to do something like this.

He said: "It fits my modus operandi.

"I work at Good Robot Brewing Co. and a week after a staff party we were delivered a 20-foot-tall wacky inflatable waving spaghetti arm man that had certainly been purchased during that party.

"But I have scoured my bank records. There are no mysterious transactions."

Penn News

But despite the mystery, Brent says he's planning to keep it for now and is even thinking of names.

"I am torn between Cerberus - after the three headed dog that guards the gates of hell in Greek mythology - or Howard the Duck.

"Howard the Duck is a character from a terrible movie from the 1980s. All three heads would be Howard but I would refer to the creature in the plural form."

Brent also says his story has led to him being reunited with an old mate.

He said: "I have had a multitude of people claiming that the duck is theirs or offering to take it off my hands.

"The best thing that has come of this is my childhood friend who moved away when I was young heard the story and reached out. I hadn't heard from him in about 20 years!

"All in all, the real gift has been just the opportunity to experience a little whimsy and magic."

Adding: "I don't mind if the person who sent this ever reveals themselves but I would like them to know that I am grateful."

Brent says he has now emailed the seller of the duck and is waiting for a reply.

Featured Image Credit: Penn News

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