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Man Suffering With Mystery Illness That Causes Him To Burp Constantly

Man Suffering With Mystery Illness That Causes Him To Burp Constantly

Michael O'Reilly has been burping uncontrollably since last June

A former cabbie from Birmingham has revealed his frustration after he developed a mystery condition that has caused him to burp constantly for the past eight months.

Dad-of-two Michael O'Reilly says that his illness started suddenly after a cup of tea last June, and has continued ever since.

The doctors have yet to certainly diagnose what is going on, leaving the 61-year-old stuck with his bizarre affliction.

He went to the doctors after he started burping uncontrollably every seven minutes, and they've only become louder and more violent ever since.

Sometimes it's just the one - and usually after he has consumed fluids - but on other occasions the belching is more sustained, and has made his life a 'nightmare'.


He said: "It just began with a single burp from drinking a cup of tea last June.

"It was before I went out on the golf course and the old guy I was playing with gave me a couple of boiled sweets to help as it continued during the round.

"But it only seemed to make it worse, I kept on burping. It was pretty off-putting but I thought nothing more of it - until the burps would not stop coming the next day.

"They happen every seven minutes now, pretty much without fail, they can be short single burp or a series of sharp ones which come out of nowhere.

"It's almost like a hiccup as you can't feel them coming, they just take me by surprise, and it's been an absolute nightmare.

"It is just so random and I don't know what is going on. They can last for about three seconds. I just want it to stop though as it really worries me."


The best guess so far is that he's suffering from aerophagia, which is an excessive intake of air that goes to the stomach.

He hopes that it isn't that, as this condition can last for as long as two years.

Michael added: "I think it could be that but so far the doctors have been unable to help.

"I've been prescribed medication which hasn't worked so I'm just waiting now for further appointments.

"I've had online sessions with a neurologist but so far nothing has stopped me burping every few minutes.

"They are really loud and getting louder. I've been searching for work but this has made it almost impossible.

"Who is going to employ someone who is burping every few minutes through an interview?

"Apparently aerophagia can last up to two years which I hope isn't the case, I'm just hoping doctors can get to the bottom of it."


"The only time it stops is when I'm lying down on my back. If I sit in a forward crouched position, it seems to set them off.

"People have asked if it could be down to anxiety or nerves - but I'm a relaxed, laid back kind of person so I don't believe it's that.

"Whatever it is, I just want it sorted so I can go back to enjoying a cup of tea without worrying about bursting out into loud burps."

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