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Man Wraps Car That Parked In His Space In Black Plastic

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Man Wraps Car That Parked In His Space In Black Plastic

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

A man who'd grown tired of cars parking across his driveway decided to get his own back by wrapping the whole vehicle in black plastic.

Tobe Bailey, 49, has been battling against his neighbours for parking across his driveway for a while now, and on the most recent occasion he lost the plot and decided to take matters into his own hands.

At least he did it in a way that was funny, rather than just illegal, right?

He took a whole load of plastic and wrapped the blue Vauxhall Corsa up in it completely, until it looked like it was tied up in hundreds of bin bags.

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

Bailey, who is a father of seven, said: "I live in a street with 26 houses and 24 parking spaces. Me and the Mrs spent about £2,000 putting a dropped curb in last year and clear signs telling people not to park there but people still do all the time.

"At least two or three times a week, we get some idiot blocking us in."

The bricklayer and handyman from Margate in Kent said that the latest episode in the continuing battle for his driveway tipped him over the edge when he returned home to find his space taken, and his daughter blocked in as well.

Before jumping to the black plastic, he tried to reason with the unknown vehicle owner by putting a note on the windscreen.

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

He explained: "I wrote a note and stuck it on the windscreen, telling the owner to move it. I opened a can of beer and sat on the balcony and waited.

"Nothing happened. I went and had dinner and still it was there after."

So, the next day he decided to ram the message home.

He continued: "I'd just had a load of pallet wrap delivered and I thought, 'right' and wrapped it across the car. The owner soon came out after that."

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

Luckily, the young woman saw the joke for what it was.

Tobe said: "She was very apologetic. She said 'very funny' and said she won't park there again."

Despite going to some lengths to keep his space, Tobe insists he didn't mean any harm by his prank, and that he just wanted to get the point over through having a bit of a laugh.

He even claimed: "It only took her a few minutes to take the wrap off and her car was cleaner after because of it."

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

This isn't the first time that Tobe has done something like this. In fact, last time he hoisted the offending car up on a jack so that the driver couldn't drive it away without his help.

Tobe concluded: "When he came back, he got in the car and started it but of course, couldn't drive anywhere. He had to knock on my door and eventually apologised.

"He never parked there again."

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Tom Wood
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