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Boris Johnson Forced To Deny Photoshopping Picture Of Biden Phone Call

Boris Johnson Forced To Deny Photoshopping Picture Of Biden Phone Call

Some have called the image out as being Photoshopped

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Social media users have been left baffled by a photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson that appears to show a different image in a mirror's reflection.

Let's don our tin foil hates and take a look, shall we?

Number 10

The photo is a number of official shots taken of the PM during a phone call with the newly inaugurated US President Joe Biden.

However, eagle-eyed social media users have spotted that the wire coming from the phone, which is at a 45-degree angle from the phone down to the desk in the foreground, is hanging straight down in the reflection in the mirror.

While you or I might think this is simply how mirrors and reflections work, many people are not convinced and the image has been called out for being 'Photoshopped' on Twitter, where person wrote: "I'd say it's been Photoshopped out of the reflection."

Even BBC's Robert Peston had questions, tweeting: "This is flipping weird. The phone cable should be visible in the mirror descending from.

"@BorisJohnson's watch, in this official Downing St picture. It's not. What is going on?"

But others have argued that it's a simple optical illusion and can easily be explained away.


One person said: "If the cable is stretched directly towards the reflection of the camera in the mirror (from the handset's perspective) then it would end up looking like this."

Another added: "Nah. The mirror image cable is directly in line with the camera, so it looks like it's dropping straight down. Too many of the other elements in the reflection are exactly the same."

Of course, some people questioned why anyone would even bother to Photoshop the image in the first place.

One asked: "Why would anyone bother to fiddle around with it? No 10 know that conspiracy theorists pour over every pic so there's no point."

Yeah, fair point.

Thankfully, Peston has managed to get to the bottom of the photo, confirming that Number 10 do not mess about with images once they've been taken and that it's simply a funny angle.

He wrote: "And just for the avoidance of doubt, Downing St tells me they would never doctor or photoshop a picture, and - as I assumed - it is the angle that makes it look strange. But it is certainly strange."

Featured Image Credit: Number 10

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