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Swedish Influencer Tells Fans To Drink Period Blood To 'Shorten Periods'

Swedish Influencer Tells Fans To Drink Period Blood To 'Shorten Periods'

She has been slammed online for her bizarre comments

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A Swedish influencer has told female fans they should drink their own period blood to shorten their periods. If anyone reading this is now considering doing that, may I please say, 'for the love of God, do not do that'.

Singer Bianca Ingrosso, who has more than one million followers on Instagram, was taking part in a Q&A on YouTube where she gave viewers a number of 'tips' on how to alleviate period pains - although she then pointed out that she hadn't actually drank her own menstrual blood yet, but that she knows 'a lot of people' that do.


In the clip the 25-year-old said that she reckoned the pains could be eased by cutting out sugar, coffee, tobacco, alcohol and by doing some exercise.

And if you thought none of that sounds like very much fun, then you're probably not going to be keen on her final bit of 'advice'.

"Then there is this latest last tip and that is to drink your own period blood," she said. "Because it should make periods go away faster as you get all the vitamins you otherwise lose by drinking blood.

"I haven't tested this yet, but I know that a lot of people do it and then their period only lasts six hours."

This is, of course, absolute b******* and is not backed by any sort of science, because it is, as I mentioned before, absolute b*******.

As you can probably imagine her not-so-handy hint was not to everyone's taste with one angry follower commenting: "Drink your own p*** to get rid of a urinary tract infection. Drink your excrement to get rid of diarrhoea. What do you think, will I make it to become an influencer?" Fair point.


Another wrote: "Drinking your menstruation blood is nothing that helps. It is probably among the stupidest I have ever heard."

While someone else asked: "I wonder if Bianca believes that if you eat your poop you will never have to buy food again, as long as you keep your cycle rolling."

Finally, I think it's important to say that if you do need medical advice, it's best to get it from a doctor and not a singer off YouTube.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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