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Woman Shocked To Discover Her Co-Worker's Face Can Unlock Her iPhone

Woman Shocked To Discover Her Co-Worker's Face Can Unlock Her iPhone

A woman from Nanjing in China discovered that her fiend was able to unlock the device through its facial recognition software.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Everyone's been fawning over the iPhone X recently, but here's something that's got us a little puzzled and worried about its facial recognition function.

The idea of that security measure, of course, is to make sure nobody but you can unlock your phone. It's all very science fiction, but it seems more and more like we're living in the future, so it's hardly surprising.

But it seems the future isn't all it's cracked up to be. For while Apple have said their facial recognition software on the iPhone X is top-notch and that the chances of somebody else being able to unlock your phone is - literally - 'one in a million', a woman called Yan has already proved that's clearly not the case.

Hailing from Nanjing in China, Yan got her hands on an iPhone X, only to discover that her co-worker could easily unlock it with her face, too. Even after a major rejig of the configuration settings.

Credit: YouKu

According to a report from Shanghaiist, Yan called Apple's hotline to report the problem in the hopes of finding a solution, but was told, essentially, that what she was describing was impossible.

At which point, Yan and her co-worker decided to go to their nearest Apple Store and deomstrate what was happening.

Having witnessed the issue firsthand, the staff allowed her to return the phone, explaining that something must have been wrong with the camera.

But guess what? Nothing was wrong with it. Yan bought a new phone the next day and once again her co-worker was able to unlock it.

Credit: YouKu

Apple staff have told Yan she can bring the second phone in for a full refund if she's not still not happy. Which she probably isn't.

But it certainly calls into question the reliability of this kind of technology. And given what people keep on their phones these days - whether that's nude photos (never a good idea, by the way), sensitive bank information or emails containing all your personal info that could then be used for identity theft - it's giving us doubts about the future.

Featured Image Credit: YouKu

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