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TikToker Reveals The Quantities Of Everyday Foods That Will Kill You

TikToker Reveals The Quantities Of Everyday Foods That Will Kill You

Maybe just eat and drink everything within moderation?

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Someone on TikTok has worked out how much of a variety of food and drink products you'd have to consume before you would die. Watch below:

Of course, no-one has asked for this information, but it's worth keeping in mind, should you ever decided to get stuck right into an unacceptable amount of biscuits, for example.

The @_x.random.facts.x_ account has collated the details of some questionable amounts of food and drink that you'd have to consume before your body would give up on you.

While some of them seem completely impossible, others are actually quite doable, really.

For example, do you reckon you could drink 15 bottles of water? That's how much they claim that it would take to end your life.

Sounds pretty plausible right?

Slow down on those crisps if you know what's good for you.

Well, there is actually some science behind this, as you can suffer with something called water intoxication if you drink too much of it, and that can be deadly.

Less easily scientifically verifiable is their claim that 17 tins of Heinz baked beans would kill you, or 29 packets of digestives.

Of course, that is a lot of food, so maybe there's just a basic level of food that you can consume before dying?

Like, how much can your stomach actually handle? Because surely you'd be sick before you got anywhere near 150 scoops of ice cream - another of the account's outlandish claims - right?

Imagine the brain-freeze you'd get, too.

Other claims made across several parts of video suggest that 50 packets of crisps would do you in, as would 37 packets of noodles, and 20 big bars of chocolate.

OK, that last one sounds like it could be possible. Factor in an evening in front of the telly and you could at least give that one a good go.

Surely Digestive biscuits are harmless, right? Wrong.

How does the idea of 574 strawberries sound? How many punnets does that add up to?

Anyway, because this is just a TikTok account, you should no doubt take all of these findings with a pinch of salt - not 50 crisp packets worth, of course - and not get too worried about foods that should kill you.

The real take home message is that if you eat too much of any food, you're likely to make yourself sick, which would still be pretty unpleasant.

Drink plenty of water, just not 15 bottles of the stuff.

If in doubt, a little bit of everything in moderation will see you right.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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