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Woman's Attempt At Hair Styling Leaves Her With Hairbrush Stuck To Head

Woman's Attempt At Hair Styling Leaves Her With Hairbrush Stuck To Head

She had to have the brush cut out with pliers

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A woman who attempted to style her hair using a large curling brush ended up in a serious struggle after she had to go and get plenty of it cut off because the brush became stuck to her head.

Not stuck like Gorilla Glue, at least, but that's probably the only positive to take from her experience.

American Alyssa Hinton was left crying and cursing the day she attempted to try something different with her hair and took to TikTok to explain just how much it had screwed her over.

In the video, shared to her account @Lyssypoo12345, she said: "F*** you TikTok, I'm literally going to have to cut my hair because I used the wrong f***ing brush.

"Do you know how embarrassing it is to f***ing drive down the street with a hairbrush stuck in your head."

Thankfully no, but it's probably pretty embarrassing, yeah.


It's possible that the 'f*** you TikTok' is because she was attempting to style her hair like one of the videos she'd seen.

If that is the case, it's gone seriously wrong.

But, we probably shouldn't laugh too much, as she was obviously seriously distressed by the whole ordeal.

Alyssa later shared a video of a woman having to cut the hairbrush out of her hair with a set of pliers. It must have been seriously wedged right in there.

It's not immediately clear exactly which TikTok hair styling tip she decided to have a go at, or even if she tried one at all, but - like one person - said: "At least it's not Gorilla Glue."

Other followers also chimed in with their sympathies.

One wrote: "OMG this happened to me, those curly brushes are the devil."


Another said: "I actually did this before but not all the way to the scalp like that."

However, some were just plain confused as to how she ended up in the situation in the first place.

One follower commented: "I'm just confused how this happened."

Aren't we all?

Just to clarify on the Gorilla Glue point, you might remember the hapless Tessica Brown recently chucked a load of the incredibly strong adhesive on her hair instead of an actual hair product and ended up having to get a cosmetic surgeon to remove it.

Instagram/Tessica Brown

Luckily for Tessica, a surgeon in California saw her plight and agreed to perform the procedure for her at no charge.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@Lyssypoo12345

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