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Woman Dubbed 'World's Tightest Millionaire' Eats Cat Food And Never Buys Anything New

Woman Dubbed 'World's Tightest Millionaire' Eats Cat Food And Never Buys Anything New

She appeared on a TV show where she shared her tricks for keeping costs low

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman dubbed the 'world's tightest millionaire' says she never buys anything new and even tucks into cat food to keep down her costs.

Aimee Elizabeth, 50, is worth a whopping $5.3 million (£3.9m) but if you think that means she's happy to splash the cash, then you are very much mistaken as the penny-pinching millionaire keeps a very tight rein on her finances.


Aimee, who lives in Las Vegas, gives herself a monthly spending budget of $1,000 (£750) and refuses to go over it, instead she says she worked out ways to save money in all aspects of her life.

Teach me your ways, Aimee.

Appearing on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, Aimee said: "I keep my water heater turned off, I need 22 minutes to heat it up enough to get a shower so I turn it on every morning when I get up.

"I set it for 22 minutes so I know exactly when my shower's ready because God forbid I waste another minute on that water heater."

The multi-millionaire reckons this little trick saves her around $80 (£58) a month.


Aimee's home was given to her following her divorce from ex-husband Michael and, somewhat unusually, Michael offers to clean the property for free so she can save a few hundred dollars on cleaning bills each month.

Aimee says the cleaning gives her ex a free workout and helps to keep him in shape, so it's a 'win win'.

If you say so.

Ex-husband Michael cleans her home for free to save on cleaning bills.

Now, while we all like to save a penny or grab ourselves a bargain, one of Aimee's cost saving tricks could be a step too far for many as she also confesses to eating cat food to save 30c (20p) on buying tins of tuna.

Instead of splashing out on the already fairly cheap tins of tuna, Aimee instead eats a cat food can labelled 'chicken and tuna dinner in light gravy'.

Aimee also admits to feeding this to her (human) guests. Delicious.


She said: "When I go to these extremes I think people see it and it annoys a lot of them but I don't care.

"It saves money."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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