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You Can Now Buy A Pillow In The Shape Of A Butt

You Can Now Buy A Pillow In The Shape Of A Butt

The pillow you never knew you needed

Have you ever found yourself lying in bed, unable to sleep and thinking, the problem with this pillow is that it just doesn't give enough support - I wish I was lying on a bum instead...?

No? Well, the chances are you're probably in the majority, but if you have, then you're in luck! An inventor in the United States has created exactly that, an arse pillow.

'Amusingly' named the 'Buttress Pillow', the 'ergonomic' designed cushion comes in the shape of the human bum. The result of a kickstarter campaign last year, it is available to order online, should you so wish.

Still trying to piece together what in God's name this is all about? Ok, let's hear what the creators have to say about it.

The film on their website says: "Since the beginning of time man has desired the butt. So round, so soft, so bootylicious. The ancient human mission has always been to claim that booty. However, this mission takes time, well-tailored texts, and Netflix, and so the eternal struggle goes on... until today.

According to its creators the Buttress Pillow is perfect for caressers, slappers, and buriers.
Buttress Pillow

"Introducing the Buttress Pillow. Scientists have created a butt without the extra expensive maintenance, the incomprehensible mood changes, or the gas.

"Soft, comfortable, all natural, it has surpassed 90 percent of all human butts in both shape and function. On this historical day we mark the dawn of a new age, a time when everyone can feel the peace and happiness of butts - butts for all. Claim your booty."

Available in three colours, according to the site it is '100 percent biodegradable, enviro-friendly and ethically made'.

But if you needed any more reason to buy one of these things, the creators say it's "great for all types of sleepers as well as butt slappers, squeezers, caressers and face-buriers. Thighs separate, allowing you to dress up your Buttress with undies, PJs and more."

The pillow comes in three colours.
The Buttress Pillow

The description adds: "The 'sweet spot' between the thighs and cheeks will gently cradle your head and support the neck. Great for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers."

(Not quite sure what they mean by 'PJs and more'.)

The company has also just released its '2nd edition' buttress which features a 'new silky inner cover', as well as an 'easy-wash yoga-short outer cover and a softer feel'.

If that's not worth paying $69.00 (£54) then I don't know what is.

It's times like this when you can't help but think someone should have asked 'should we' rather than 'could we'.

Featured Image Credit: Buttress Pillow

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