Ed Sheeran Reveals One Of His Biggest Dreams And It's A Good Shout

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Ed Sheeran Reveals One Of His Biggest Dreams And It's A Good Shout

He might be a multimillion pound performer, but Ed Sheeran has revealed that he harbours the same dream as pretty much every other bloke: to open his own pub.

Yesterday chaos descended on a pub in Ireland as hundred of Ed's fans flocked to a an Irish pub called O'Connor's in Galway, after he was spotted there filming the music video for 'Galway Girl'.

And now he has announced he'd like to open a 'shit pub' and has even gone as far as thinking up a name for it.


He's like to call it: 'Drinking Out Loud.'


In his own words it would be a 'Wetherspoon's type thing', but worse.

He explain his plan during an interview on Dublin's 98FM radio station, telling the presenters: "I was thinking of doing like a Weatherspoon's type thing, and opening up a really shit bar called Drinking out Loud but like the worst bar that you've ever gone to, with a one £1.50 pint and a burger that's gone off."


Sounds like a fucking great business model that. I mean, obviously, burgers that are past their sell-buy date aren't anybody's cup of tea, but honestly if someone's selling pints for one-fiddy I'd happily tuck into some bread the landlord shat into.

During the chat on the radioshow he also mentioned that Irish actor, comedian and presenter Tommy Tiernan will feature in the video for his new single.

Describing how it came about, Ed explained: "I said to (Tiernan) I shot a video in my home town in Suffolk and literally nothing near what happened in Galway. I do think it's just an Irish thing. I don't think there's any other place in the world like Ireland for me."


Sounds like it's going to be another corking video from the redhead performer.

He's a fairly interesting bloke actually, here's some stuff you may not know about him...

Some Of The First People To Hear His New Album Were The Cast Of 'Game Of Thrones'


Being a part of Game Of Thrones has its perks. Not only do you get paid a shitload of money and get to know the plot before everyone else, but you get to party with Ed and hear his new album before anyone else.

Speaking to Radio 1, he said: "I ended up going to a party where a lot of the Game Of Thrones lot were at.

"They all ended up back at my house. I'd never met some of them before and said: 'Do you want to hear some of my songs'?"

The thing is, Game of Thrones is very keen to get Ed to do a cameo. Speaking to The Sun, Ed said: "There were talks ages ago of me being an extra, which could have been cool. But every time they shoot it's the time I tour in the UK."


His Music Has Been A Bit Of A Cockblock For His Cousins' Potential Boyfriends

Some people like getting down to a bit of Ed's music. I guess it can be seen as quite romantic but damn, would you not start crying half way through? Anyway, he explained that being related to him has been a bit of a nightmare for his female cousins.

Speaking about one of his cousins, he told Shoboy radio: "She just gets brought back and wooed by guys and then they put on me to set the mood and she's like 'yeah, no, I'm not gonna get off to my cousin'."

He then had another of his cousins propositioned by a guy who was claiming he had a hit song on the radio and his name was Ed Sheeran.

He explained: "Kathy, my cousin, just pulls out her ID and it says Kathy Sheeran and she yells out 'Look at that! Not today mate.'"

He's Received Some Weird Gifts From Fans

If I was famous and someone gave me something home-baked, I doubt I'd eat it.

But Ed's clearly a much nicer person than me. He soon learnt his lesson when he found a load of hair inside a cake someone made him.

He told MTV: "Someone cooked it in a cake, a big clump of hair. Don't ask me how I found it out... I tried to eat it.

"I thought, 'It's very sweet to be given a cake. I shall eat the cake'. Then I found a clump.

"I was half expecting her to track me down and be like, 'I'm inside you now', be proper stalker-ish."

However, he has been given some good gifts. "I get quite a lot of cool presents," he continued. "I got given some doughnuts with some Lord of the Rings Lego, which was cool. We like that."

Harry Styles Is Blackmailing Him With Footage From School

According to NME, Styles has a video of a much younger Ed performing in a school production of Grease. He's apparently willing to publish it if Ed ever pisses him off. Which is weird, because Ed once claimed that Harry leaked his own nudes to show off his penis size.

No, seriously.

A photo of a naked man (believed to be Harry) went viral in 2012. Ed said: "Did you know Harry leaked that picture himself? He leaked his own picture."

He was then asked whether or not a song he wrote ('Little Things') was about Harry's small penis. He said: "He definitely hasn't got a little thing, so no I did not write 'Little Things' about little things."

Alright, fair enough, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Ed Sheeran

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