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LAD Flies From Newcastle To London Via Spain Because It's Cheaper Than Train

LAD Flies From Newcastle To London Via Spain Because It's Cheaper Than Train

He wasn't getting ripped off.

James Dawson

James Dawson

After making plans to meet up with friends in London, 21-year-old Joe Furness started experiencing some major regrets.

Sure, getting the bevvies in and seeing the sights with the LADs was going to be a laugh, but even if he applied his 18-25 Railcard discount and booked in advance, the train trip to The Big Smoke was still going to set him back £78.50.

Being a typical, skint student, however, Joe isn't the type of guy to get ripped off. He decided to shop around and soon discovered a cheaper way of doing the trip, one that even gave him an opportunity to get a tan.

Watch a video of his trip of his journey and see how he did it here...

Credit: Joe Furness

After looking at plane prices, he found that he would be able to catch a £15.99 flight from Newcastle to Menorca and follow it up with a £10.99 flight from Menorca to London - saving him £40 compared to riding the rail - with the 12-hour stop-over giving him the time for a day on the Balearic Isle.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: "I've normally got pretty itchy feet so I'm always having a quick browse at random flights here and there to see I can grab a bargain. But I was over the moon when I discovered the deal.

"It's more fun to fly than it is to get the train and the views are way better, so I jumped at it. It's crazy - you can ride in a £500 million aircraft for way less than a train."

Setting off from Newcastle airport on Friday afternoon, he arrived over a thousand miles away in Menorca around two-and-a-half hours later at 5.45pm. With the trip to London leaving at 10.40am the next day, he hired a car for just £7.50 and headed straight to the beach, where the local San Juan Festival was being held.

"It was pretty surreal, having just arrived from the north of England. There were hundreds of Spanish horse riders on the beach - I grabbed a Sex on the Beach cocktail from the bar and spent the rest of the time relaxing in the sun," Joe added.

He partied with some locals, watched the sunset over the sea and then got some shut-eye in the car.

When he woke up the next morning, he headed to the airport and flew to London to get back on the sesh with his mates, with money still left over from the £40 he had saved on the plane trip.

Having had a solid, cheap weekend away, Joe said he would recommend it to anybody.

"To be honest, if anybody else was considering stopping off in the sun and saving money on a trip, I'd say 'just do it'," he said. "I've never met anyone who's said they've regretted travelling."

Cheers, mate, hope you had a good one.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Furness​

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