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Uber Driver Races The Tide And Ends Up Stranded In Middle Of The Sea

Uber Driver Races The Tide And Ends Up Stranded In Middle Of The Sea

There's a part of every man that thinks they're James Bond when they're behind the wheel of a car and have a clear road ahead of them. 'Fuck it, I'm gonna aim for that horizon and nothing can stop me', you think. 'I'm putting my foot down'.

You've got to imagine that was exactly the mind-set of one Uber driver who tried to race the rising sea tide at Holy Island, the tidal island off the coast of Northumberland, England.

The bridge, which leads to the mainland, has designated safe crossing times because, at certain points of the day, high tide completely covers the road.

Drivers are warned before visiting the island to check the times to avoid being caught in rising sea waters.


Not that any of that mattered to the Uber driver. There was a clear road ahead of him. He was proof of the power of man over nature. No ocean could delay his journey. He was rock star. He was a secret agent. He was James Bond.

Here's how it panned out for him...

The footage was captured by a drone device and you can only imagine how he felt, trapped on that little bit of bridge, surrounded by ocean and a metal bird filming his failure for all the world to see...


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It was at this moment, that he knew... he fucked up. Image credit: A Bird's Eye View Media Productions

Mark Bradshaw, 41, who caught the incident near Berwick-upon-Tweed on his drone camera, told The Mirror: "I went out to Holy Island with a friend to take footage of the castle.


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"We saw the vehicle coming over from the island side. It was very brave of him and I decided to film him.

"I was in the military for 24 years and I've seen lots of things but nothing as ridiculous as that.

"One of the passengers got out and walked up and down, pondering what their next move was.

"I guess they just had to wait for nature to take its course before they could leave."


Unlucky mate, maybe next time.

Featured image credit: A Birds Eye View Media Productions

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