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This Woman Thinks She Might Have The Longest Legs In The World

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This Woman Thinks She Might Have The Longest Legs In The World

Last week we all come to terms with the world's biggest penis - when Roberto Esquivel Cabrera and his 18.9 inch third leg hit the headlines.

Well, now this woman is hoping to get herself in the record books with her own impressively lengthy body parts. Caroline Arthur, a former model from Melbourne, Australia, has legs measuring a whopping 51.5 inches (130cm). 4.26 feet!!! Jesus.

Credit: Barcroft


Caroline's pins make up 69 percent of her 6ft 2in frame (1.87m) and she reckons they're in the running for the longest in the world.

She said: "I believe that they are definitely the longest in Australia and, as far as I know, in America too.

"The lady in the Guinness Book of World Records (Russia's Svetlana Pankratova) has legs that are 51.9 inches (131cm) long so it's quite close.

"Because it's so close I think it is worth contacting them and finding out exactly where they measure from and getting an official, accurate measurement done."


Take a look at those legs here!

Credit: Barcroft

I'm 5ft 9in and I struggle to find jeans that fit me in the waist and leg, so God knows what poor Caroline has to put up with.


Caroline is used to people staring while she is out and about with her family; she said: "Mostly, I enjoy it. My friends always have to be a bit prepared when they venture out with me because people do stare - especially if I'm dressed up in heels.

"I just know by now that if I'm going out with people in the evening, I'm going to get a lot of attention so I am sort of used to it.

Credit: Barcroft


"I have had a few people say nasty things but mostly it's great and people are really nice."

Caroline has passed the 'tall gene' on to her two children; her 13-year-old son, Cooper, is already the same height as his mum at 6ft 2in (1.87m) and her daughter Zoe is 5ft 9in (1.79m).

Though it seems that Caroline didn't inherit her tallness from her mum Janet, who is just 5ft 2in (1.58m). In typical mum-style, Janet is very proud of her daughter, saying: "She carries herself so well, is a lovely person, a great mother and a wonderful daughter.


Caroline with her mum, Janet. Credit: Barcroft

"When I think that she might have the longest legs in the world, I feel incredibly proud." Aw.

Despite enjoying the attention now, it wasn't always the case for Caroline who says she was a self-conscious teenage due to her height and that she would attempt to disguise her height with her clothes.

"I definitely didn't embrace my height and there was a real period where I didn't feel beautiful or attractive at all," she said. Her confidence was boosted, when aged 15, she gave modelling a try.

"My legs featured in a lot of stocking commercials and things but I was also rejected from a lot of jobs because of my height.

"I was told that I'm too tall for Australian beauty standards and couldn't model clothes because they just wouldn't fit me.

"So as much as I did get work because of my long legs, I also got knocked back for the same reason."

To avoid the nightmare of constantly crouching in her own home, Caroline's thoughtful hubby Cameron, a builder, designed their house with 10ft (3m) high ceilings and extra-tall work surface in the kitchen.

Featured Image Credit: Barcroft

Claire Reid
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