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This 22-Year-Old Has Spent Almost £40k Trying To Look Like Barbie

This 22-Year-Old Has Spent Almost £40k Trying To Look Like Barbie

She got her first surgery at 18 and shows no signs of stopping, even if it kills her, which it almost did

Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh

There's wanting to improve your image and then there's spending almost £40,000 on trying to make yourself look like Barbie, which is what this young girl is striving to achieve.

Amanda Ahola, 22, from Finland had her sights set on surgery since she was 16. And, after continuously saving all her wages, two years later, in 2014, she underwent her first boob job.

Amanda before she forked out a small fortune on surgery.
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Since then, Amanda has gone on to have thirty rounds of lip fillers, Botox, a series of face fillers to create round cheeks and two more boob jobs - the last of which nearly killed her.

She now flaunts a colossal pair of 30J knockers, which cost a collective sum of £15,000. And that's not even the biggest price Amanda had to pay.

In her third and most recent boob job, Amanda suffered a seizure and had swelling on the brain, which triggered temporary memory loss and severe pain that went on for months.

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But despite almost dying on the operated table, Amanda hasn't been scared away and - even after being turned down by three doctors already - is currently seeking a surgeon who will give her the body she desires.

"I always knew I was going to have plastic surgery, since I was a child," said Amanda.

"My last boob job was very difficult, I had horrible back pain that made even lying down, walking or sitting nearly impossible. It was hard to do simple things like make-up for weeks," said Amanda.

"I have asked three doctors for more surgery but they have all denied me," she continued. "I do less invasive procedures all the time now.

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After umpteen surgeries and £35.5k later, Amanda admits that she still aspires to augment her body, with the addition of a larger bum, a face lift, new teeth and an even smaller waist.

But for now, with no surgeon in their right mind wanting to operate further on Amanda, to create her dramatic hour-glass figure she wears a waist-training corset every day and even sometimes sleeps in the thing - ouch.

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"Changing my body has given me a life I wouldn't have had without bigger boobs - my life would look totally different without them," said Amanda, who went on to land a webcam modelling job after her first boob job, much to the dismay of her boyfriend, Aleski.

But, although Alaska wasn't initially keen on Amanda's webcam job, he says he just wants her to be happy and the pair have managed to set aside their differences.

"My friends and family accept me. Although they don't necessarily understand me or why I do it, it doesn't affect our relationships," said Amanda about her drastic desire to change her body.

"I do really like myself as a person and I love my looks. Nothing is perfect, and I will keep changing things still."

Oh Amanda, take our advice and save yourself a few grand.

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