Picture Of Bacon With Pig Nipple Attached Will Make You Wish You'd Never Seen It

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Picture Of Bacon With Pig Nipple Attached Will Make You Wish You'd Never Seen It

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I used to be a vegetarian but now I'm not. I should probably feel bad about it but I don't. Instead I don't think about the fact it's an animal when I'm eating it. My conscience is clean. My taste buds are happy. Ignorance, like the first bite of a pork pie, is bliss.

Anyway, this picture of bacon has gone viral because it prevents you from detaching meat - as something you eat - from the bloody and barbaric slaughter that took place for the sake of your gratification.

The photo shows a nipple still attached to the bacon. It's gone viral because it's making everyone feel sick, and because people are realising it's a pig they're eating when they eat bacon.


Here it is...

Image credit: Reddit / misssmeg

One Reddit user described the image was "horrifying" while another admitted, "I think I'm done eating bacon forever. Can't un-see."


Somebody else chirped in that: "It's a bit like eating something that still has eyes."

Another Reddit-er, Liontta, said this: "I almost feel bad admitting this, and I might even get down voted, but whatever.


"But when I worked in a high end retail, the butchers used to intentionally give the nipple bacon out to rude/abusive customers. Usually as a free sample. I personally found it pretty hilarious.

"For anybody who might get upset about this, let me state for the record that it is not dangerous to eat the nipple, it's entirely edible. It just serves as an unpleasant reminder of where food actually comes from, but is otherwise harmless."

Fair enough, it is gross if you think about it. But bacon's bacon and bacon's lit, so I'll probably still be eating it next time I go for a fry up.

Words by James Dawson

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