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Guy who posted fake script before Jake Paul fight received angry message from his team

Guy who posted fake script before Jake Paul fight received angry message from his team

Before Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fought someone posted a fake script of what was going to happen in the fight

In the build-up to Jake Paul's fight with Tommy Fury a script supposedly outlining how the fight would go was leaked, fuelling speculation that whole thing was a rigged spectacle rather than an actual contest.

The script claimed that Fury would start the fight stronger, being the clear favourite in the second round, before Paul found his rhythm and managed to do some serious damage to his opponent's left eye.

It went on to suggest that Fury would further struggle in the fight as his left eye swelled up and hampered his vision, with a doctor being called in for round five to warn Fury that the fight may have to be stopped.

Ultimately the scripted fight would end in the eighth round with Paul knocking Fury down and unable to get back up again, with the referee eventually having to end the match with Paul winning by a technical knock out.

Afterwards there would be a scripted argument, Paul would call out KSI and Fury would demand a rematch which would end up being hosted in Los Angeles.

Mike Perry posted the fake script onto social media and said he thought it was funny.

Of course, anyone who watched the boxing match or has even heard about it knows none of that stuff happened and it was quickly apparent that the script was fake.

People spotted that it was fake within seconds as the script had Fury walking out to 'Sweet Caroline', which didn't happen in the actual fight.

In the end Paul didn't win by TKO either as the victory was awarded to Fury via split decision, a pretty big clue that the script was a fake.

Still, a couple of things it did get right was that the winner would be linked with a fight against KSI and as soon as it was over there would be plans in place for a rematch.

Mike Perry claimed Jake Paul's camp sent him an angry message about it.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Shared on social media by former UFC fighter Mike Perry, the script gained a lot of attention before the match and Perry claimed it even ended up with him getting an angry message from Paul's camp.

Talking to TMZ, Perry explained why he posted the script and suggested it got a response from Paul's coach BJ Flores.

He said: "It was an Instagram post I think my buddy sent me.

"I tweeted it and it's probably my best tweet of all time, probably. It got a lot of attention. People talked a lot of trash on me for it. Whatever. Jake's coach wrote me and was upset about his reputation.

"Ya know I was thinking, well, Jake never cared about my reputation when he posted a video of what I said to him at practice, trying to coach him up and be a part of the team, and give him that work. And he put that [training footage] out there."

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury's fight went nothing like the supposed script.
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Perry said he liked Flores and didn't respond to the message he claimed Paul's camp sent him, saying he 'just kind of looked past it' and declared it to be 'part of the game'.

The former UFC fighter said he thought the fake script was funny, and claimed he 'could beat either one of those guys' if he was in the ring with Fury or Paul.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/platinummikeparry

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