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Piers Morgan rips into ‘virtue signalling’ Socceroos after they criticised Qatar’s human rights record

Piers Morgan rips into ‘virtue signalling’ Socceroos after they criticised Qatar’s human rights record

The talk-show host told the Australian national team to either boycott the World Cup 'or shut up and play sport'.

Piers Morgan has slammed ‘virtue signalling’ Socceroos after they condemned Qatar over its human rights record.

While many have praised the Australian national football team for being the first World Cup country to officially speak out against the country for its laws around migrant workers and gay people, the British talk-show host isn’t one of them.

The broadcaster took to Twitter to write: “Fine virtue-signalling words… presume you will now be boycotting the tournament? Or don’t you guys care THAT much?”

In a separate tweet, he added: “I find the faux moral outrage around ‘sports-washing’ increasingly irritating.

"If you want to make a moral stand, fine - do it properly & boycott the event/country that offends your morality. Or shut up and play sport.”

But Piers wasn’t done yet as he penned a follow-up tweet, labelling the Australian football team as ‘hypocritical’ for continuing to participate in the tournament despite speaking out.

He wrote: “Either go and play football, or don’t go. Pretending you’re outraged by a country’s morality but then actively promoting the country is hypocritical.”

The 57-year-old’s remarks follow the Socceroos breaking their silence on the ongoing human rights crisis in Qatar ahead of the World Cup on November 20.

The players said in their video address: “As PFA members, we understand the power of collective bargaining and the fundamental rights of all workers to form and join a union.

“Before players had won these rights their careers in Australia were characterised by the absence of respect and dignity.

“It is for these reasons we must speak about the situation in Qatar.”

Izhar Ahmed Khan/Alamy Live News/Alamy Live News

While the players acknowledged that there had been some change, such as the Kafala System being largely ‘dismantled' and a minimum wage being established, they pointed out the desperate need for law reform as these regulations are ‘inconsistent'.

Migrant workers have faced poor working conditions in the manufacturing of infrastructure and stadiums for the tournament, with The Guardian reporting at least 6,500 worker deaths as of February 2021.

They added: “We stand with FIFPro, the Building and Wood Workers International, and the International Trade Union Confederation, seeking to embed reforms and establish a lasting legacy in Qatar.

“This must include establishing a migrant resource centre, effective remedy for those who have been denied their rights, and the decriminalisation of all same-sex relationships.

“These are the basic rights that should be afforded to all and will ensure continued progress in Qatar … [and] a legacy that goes well beyond the final whistle of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.”

Football Australia also issued a statement noting Qatar's ‘significant progress and legislative reforms’.

However, they urged their stakeholders to 'continue' to establish safety for migrant workers and LGBTQI+ members beyond the World Cup.

Featured Image Credit: ITV. Chris Putnam / Alamy Stock Photo

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