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Tommy Fury amateur footage as teenager shows fans what to expect in Jake Paul fight

Tommy Fury amateur footage as teenager shows fans what to expect in Jake Paul fight

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul will face each other in a hotly-anticipated bout this weekend

Footage of Tommy Fury boxing back when he was an amateur has got fans talking ahead of his bout against Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia this weekend.

Have a look at this footage and see what you reckon:

The first thing to say is that Tommy was only a pup at this stage, he was just 17-years-old and still boxing as an amateur boxer, now he’s set to take on Paul in a huge fight that eclipses basically anything that boxers at this stage of their career have ever experienced.

It also highlights the fact that Fury was boxing when he was 17, rather than whatever Jake Paul was doing.

He might have been in the gym, but he doesn’t have an amateur career to speak of, nor has he even fought a pro-boxer so far.

Anyway, watching the short video, it doesn’t look too good for Fury.

He was fighting Mehran Khan back in 2016, and he even won the fight by a split decision, but he still looked a bit unwieldy in the ring, sprinting out at the first bell and then spending a lot of time in the clinch.

Tommy Fury doesn't impress in this fight as an amateur.

OK, so he’s probably improved a lot since then, and has gone on to win his first eight fights as a professional, but nothing is going to prepare him for what he’s set to experience this weekend.

And this time, the whole world will be watching.

Whilst Paul doesn’t have an amateur career behind him that we can scrutinise, he has won his first six professional fights, albeit against former UFC fighters and the occasional basketballer and YouTuber along the way.

Still, Paul is used to the big crowd and the occasion, whereas this is unquestionably the most pressure that Fury will have been under in his short sporting career.

He’ll have to draw on everything that he has in order to get the win, and that might just stretch back to his amateur career when he obviously wasn’t at his best, but managed to get a split decision win anyway.

Fury will be backing on himself, and on the idea that his skills have improved significantly since this fight we’ve been scrutinising here.

The fight itself has been a bit of a mission to get on, having been rescheduled twice.

Fans will hope he's improved since then - and he probably has.

However, this third time is set to be the charm and both fighters are clearly eager to settle their differences in the ring.

Back in January, Fury said that there is ‘no chance or no way that Paul could beat me in a fight’ calling his opponent ‘useless’ and adding that his ‘boxing fundamentals are awful’.

We’re set to find out ‘The Truth’ – as the fight is being billed – this weekend when the pair have to shut their mouths and start to talk with their punches.

If you want to catch it, Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul is available to buy on BT Sport Box Office, and the fight goes down on Sunday 26 February.

Featured Image Credit: YouTUbe/VIPBoxingpromotions

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