Austrian Town Called F**king Is Finally Changing Its Name
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This Is What The Rocket Icon On Your Facebook Means

This Is What The Rocket Icon On Your Facebook Means

Any of you seen a rocket ship icon on your Facebook app?

The new feature has been noticed recently by thousands of users, but not necessarily understood.

Take Brittany G on Twitter, who may have missed a trick by asking Twitter and not Facebook.

Severely shocked, she at least managed to refrain from blasphemy.


Others were more subtle.


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So what is it? Is it good? Are those who have it special? Well, yes, in a Facebook kinda way.


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If you see this rocket, it means you're a part of a trial for the site's secret second News Feed, a game changer in the timeline world.

The new feature allows you to switch between two pages. The normal home feed and a flashy new Explore feed.


The Explore feed shows videos and pictures even if you aren't following said sources.

Facebook will generate the videos and pictures based on your own or your friends' preferences.

It basically means you're gonna be seeing a lot of new shit, as opposed to content we've liked in the past which in turn blocks out any other content that we might have never come across.

The rocket, simple though it looks, sets to kill social media bubbles.


Facebook is yet to confirm whether or not the Explore function will become available for everyone.

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